Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 29th May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Anisha and Madhav ! Madhav is giving Anisha the dupatta , Anisha says thank you and wants to pay Madhav back, but Madhav refuses. Aradhya is watching all this and steps forward and asks Madhav why he gifted such an old fashioned Dupatta. Madhav says Anisha likes it. Aradhya says “really” Anisha looks startled.

Madhav brought something else for Anisha which I honestly didn’t understand. Madhav leaves. Anisha again says “Aradhya, you’re impossible, you leave no chance to insult Madhav in front of others”. Aradhya is embarrassed.

Madhav goes to the room. Aradhya sees him sitting with the dupatta. Aradhya tells him she was talking about it. Madhav says he brought it for her but didn’t understand how to give it to her. Madhav says it’s okay she doesn’t like it. Aradhya tells him that she does, but Madhav stops her telling she doesn’t need to pretend to like it in order to please him. Madhav then says he can’t even give her a gift of her choice, let alone give her happiness

Aradhya stops Madhav and tells him liking towards a gift is not important but the feelings behind them are important. So she likes them. Just then dadi calls them. Then the scene shifts to Rahul and Prerna, Prerna is getting ready to present a business idea to clients. Everyone likes it , Rahul is pleased and Prerna is happy. Prerna says “party toh banta hai”. In Mumbai, Dadi tells Madhav and Aradhya today is Smriti’s anniversary and a Ganesh festive, she is making a mala. Dadi tells them they will go to mandir. Madhav tells her he will meet them there, because he has some work. Dadi sees the dupatta and Aradhya says Madhav gave it to her. Dadi teases her. She blushes and leaves.
Dadi is happy Aradhya goes to the kitchen, sees the preparations. Just then Anisha enters, looks annoyed seeing Aradhya, asks her if she knows where Madhav is. Aradhya says he is at home, if she needed something. Anisha says, something about the ghazal.

Aradhya tells her she doesn’t think Madhav will be able to help her because he is going out for some work for the radio station. Anisha asks her to leave it to her, it’s her job to convince Madhav. Aradhya says Madhav is very dedicated towards the station, so he won’t leave the work to help her. Anisha says she will see to it that he manages. The scene shifts to Smriti and Gaurav’s living room. Aradhya says Madhav would go with her and Dadi, but he has some work. Anisha then says she convinced Madhav to manage the work. Aradhya is disappointed and Anisha has that proud grin in her face
Madhav and Anisha , Dadi and Aradhya are taking different cars to their destinations. Madhav asks Aradhya if she needs help, and if she is sure she will be able to manage. Aradhya tells her that she is good, and he doesn’t need to come. Madhav then says okay, and leaves. Aradhya is startled Madhav didn’t even say bye. Madhav turns around and sees her but she doesn’t see him.

Dadi is in the car with Aradhya. She asks Aradhya why she is so sad. She says that Madhav ddin’t even say bye. Dadi says why would he say bye since he is so busy with Anisha. The scene shifts to Anisha and Madhav. Madhav says wouldn’t it be great if Aradhya joined them. Anisha says it’s good she went to Mandir because she doesn’t have any interest in these things, she would get bored.

Dadi and Aradhya just got out from the Mandir. Aradhya is still lost in thoughts. She is expecting Madhav to call. Dadi asks her what’s wrong, she says that Madhav didn’t even call once or message once. Dadi said why would he since she asked him to not come. Dadi then asks for the phone , tries calling Madhav but he doesn’t answer. Aradhya and Dadi are at home, Dadi gives prasad to gaurav and smriti. Dadi asks Aradhya to check if they need help. Dadi leaves. Aradhya asks what she can help Smriti with, she is about to lead her somewhere just then Smriti is shocked to Anisha. Anisha has one arm draped around Madhav and the other holding his hand. Aradhya is shocked to see that.

Precap : Aradhya enters to see Smriti and Madhav is in the room with Anisha. Madhav is messaging Anisha’s foot. Aradhya tells Anisha she just got the spray, Anisha replies saying she doesn’t need to worry about her.

Update Credit to: ilovedhanjanird

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