Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 29th April 2013 Written Update

Madhav in phone with Rahul. He explains how his adventure to help Aaru in the kitchen failed due to mom’s sudden entry into the garden. Rahul is all smiles and he says he is coming home.

Princy comes and asks Madhav to join to taste the Daal-Bhati prepared by Aaru. Madhu is confused… but he goes along with her. At the dining area, even the neighbor ladies are also present. Aaru serves the food and every one appreciates it. Neighbor ladies walk off when hear about giving nek. Dadi asks Brij to give Neg and he gifts some money. Dadi gives bangles as Neg.

Upon insistence from Dadi, Aaru asks for Neg from Princy. Princy accuses that Madhu helped Aaru so her Rasam has actually broken so no need to give Neg. But still as Aaru is good in Makeup and sajna sawarna, she gifts her one necklace and taunts this is better gift for her as she does not have any interest in studies.

Aaru gets a bit charged up so she challenges with Princy that she do not want this neg and also the gracemarks. She will work on her own and will get 50% marks. She says this is a challenge. Princy says, not to go overboard and take up such challenge which she cannot accomplish. She says, for you passing the exam itself is tough. But Aaru says, she knows for her studies are something hard but its not impossible also. She says, she will get 50% marks and show. Brij and Dadi also praise her confidence and say, she may win this challenge.

Princy says, if Aaru fails in winning this challenge then she has to do all the household work like any normal bahu and for that Aaru has to cut her long beautiful finger nails. Aaru accepts this reverse challenge and agrees to cut her nails if she does not get 50% marks. Pallo reminds her to ask what she wants if she wins this for which she says, getting her marks sheet from Princy is big win but still she will ask for some neg when she wins this. Rahul and Madhav are spectators for this whole drama and Madhav is really worried.

Aaru in her room, talking to herself, about how she has gone overboard and challenged on some thing very tough… She is worried about her nails. Madhav enters and before he talk anything, Aaru accuses him that he wants her not to takeup challenge against his mom because he knows how tough it is but she is not going to leave this. When he tries to offer his help, she rejects it stating what happened when he tried to help her with cooking. And as per the challenge she is not supposed to take help from Madhav so she says him not to interfere.

She is trying to study and Madhav is sitting at the sofa and working on his laptop. She keeps on lookingTia to enquire what is Exim and cuts the call as her friend could not give proper answer. Madhav writes the definition on a paper and throws it near the mirror. Before she looks it, Dadi enters with Milk and Badam. Dadi tells Aaru to take care of eating well and drinking Milk so that Dark circles will not come while she is studying hard. Aaru complains to Dadi that Madhav is not helping her and he is playing games when she is studying hard. Madahv is startled…

Once Dadi leaves, while looking into the Mirror, Aaru finds the chit and scolds Madhav not to come near her or try to help her. When he suggests, he can slip in to Rahul’s room without any body noticing, she rejects that idea by stating if Dadi sees it will be an issue. She tells him not to face her. From time to time, she is staring at her finger nails…

Precap: Aaru is in fear… She is shouting no… where as Bharathi(Princy) with nail clipper is demanding that she cuts Aaru’s nails.

Update Credit to: ApoorvaFan

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