Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th March 2013 Written Update

The music of dhol is heard everywhere and due to this aaru cannot madhu properly. However, she finds that madhu has something to tell him. Madhu praises aaru in a poetic way just like ehsaas and aaru is shocked. Madhu ends his appraisal by saying “tumhara ehsaas” and this startles her. Rahul comes there and wonders if madhu has told aaru that he is ehsaas. Aaru’s friends come there and take aaru with her while aaru is confused and want to desperately ask madhu how he said the way ehsaas did. Bharti comes and asks madhu the house keys but finds that madhu has drunk bhang. Rahul comes there and both of them take madhu along with them. Aaru keeps looking at madhu even more confused and shocked.

Aaru finally gets out of her gang and runs to meet rahul but they leave. Rahul and bharti make madhu to lie on his bed and bharti says that surely someone must have mixed bhang in his food or else he has never had bhang b4. Rahul agrees. Bharti brings a cd and a file and keeps it on the desk while saying all this. Bharti leaves while rahul take madhu to change. Aaru is very confused and she decides to call madhu to clarify as to why he said all that to her. She calls him nearly for 5 hours but no use. Her friends say she must have misunderstood due to the dhol sound but she is adamant that she wasn’t mistaken. Other side, rahul decides to massage madhu’s head to make madhu relax and get over his giddiness. So he takes balm from the cupboard. While searching, he finds a cd while he unknowingly keeps along with the other cd.(I guess one of the cds have the love confession part of madhu)After sometime, madhu feels better and rahul asks if he said anything to aaru. Madhu doesn’t seem to remember and finally madhu sends rahul to change. Aaru makes her last call to madhu and luckily he hears it and receives the phone.

Aaru complains abt madhu not receiving the phone and clearly asks how he said all those words. Initially madhu doesn’t understand what aaru is talking abt but then he remembers his words and is shocked. Madhu makes up a story that he has bhang and was in nasha so just told all nonsense and she shouldn’t take its seriously. Madhu adds that rahul is always her ehsaas and she shouldn’t have a doubt abt it. Aaru is very happy and hangs the phone. Madhu turns to find rahul listening to his convo. He is every angry and leaves. Madhu follows and rahul says how could he still keep aaru in wrong impression. Madhu says that aaru has a mindset abt how ehsaas is and its bad to make her know the truth. Rahul says he cannot start a relation y telling a lie as aaru will be marrying ehsaas not rahul and throughout their marriage he will be the third person. Rahul is adamant to tell aaru the truth but madhu stops him. He says that even if she finds that madhu is ehsaas she will be marrying rahul so what difference does it make. Rahul says that maybe aaru may see the beauty of heart over the skin. Madhu says that he never loved aaru and will never too in future so it makes no difference for him. Just then rahul sees bharti outside and is shocked.

Bharti has not listened to anything and she had come to asks how madhu is feeling. She announces that the next day is aaru-rahul’s engagement and preps have started. Rahul nods to what she says and she leaves. Madhu asks why he didn’t oppose to the wedding b4 bharti and convinces rahul that this should remain a secret. He tells that if one lie gives many other happiness then that one lie will not be a big problem.

Last part will be added a bit later..

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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