Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 26th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with bharti’s proposal. Aaru’s dad asks which proposal they r talking about. Scene shifts to aaru and madhu. Madhu, with gr8 difficulty says that his mom is talking to her parents abt her. Aaru is cared if she did any mistake. Madhu says it’s not like that and is abt to continue when her dad calls her. Aaru is scared and goes to him. He tells her that bharti has a proposal for her and she has brought her son’s rishta for her. Aaru is very happy. Madhu comes there and she cannot see her face. Bharti tells aaru that she has brought the rishta of the rahul for her. Aaru is so happy that she gets shy and blushes and runs away. Madhu is so shocked and says that there is a major misunderstanding and he has to speak to bharti. He is abt to speak to her when one of aaru’s friends calls him and says that aaru wants to meet him urgently. Madhu leaves to meet aaru.
Aaru is in her room speaking to herself. She says how she wanted a filmy type luv story where she met her prince, romanced him for some time and then married him but here she is getting married to rahul even without meeting and talking to him. Madhu enters the room and aaru starts expressing her views abt how things have changed so soon and she was not prepared. Madhu thinks that aaru is not happy with rahul’s proposal and is abt to speak to her when aaru shows him her scrapbook. Aaru says she started writing it the day she talked to ehsaas. All her emotions and feelings for ehsaas is stored in it. Madhu is very happy seeing them and finally aaru says that she says that her scrapbook ended the day she met ehsaas in the mall. She says ehsaas was exactly the same way she had imagined him-handsome, dashing and so outgoing. She shows him the last page of the book revealing rahul’s picture and says that her ehsaas is rahul and she is very glad. Madhu gets the biggest shocker of his life.
Aaru says that rahul is perfect and she always wanted a guy like him but still she wants to know him b4 marrying him. So she needs his help. Madhu is speechless. Madhu thinks how come he got this confusion and recalls the scarf, chocolates and watch incident. He realizes that he was coincidently misled. Somehow he manages to nod and agree to help her to know rahul better. Finally bharti and family are abt to leave and b4 going, they invite aaru’s family for the college’s Holi function. They accept it and agree to go for the function with aaru. Bharti and family leave while aaru comes out and rahul-aaru have an eye-lock. Kuch Khass Hai is played in background. Finally pallo tease rahul and takes him while aaru blushes and runs to the stairs.
Aaru’s friends tease her that if she starts blushing like this, then how will be the condition when rahul/ehsaas will be with her tomorrow at the Holi function. They say that this is the best chance to tell I luv u to him and get a romantic hug. They further say that her luv story has finally got a nice romantic end and soon rahul will confess his love. Aaru blushes further and tells them to stop and runs to her room. Poor madhu is hearing all this from above and is too shocked react. Scene now shifts to Madhu’s house. He is in his washroom, too shocked to express his feelings. He recalls each moment from first about the whole misunderstanding and realizes that all this time he was under the misconception that aaru luved him. He is devastated. Poor fellow! Can’t bear the expressions of him. He starts crying and remembers the black boo incident and splashes water over his face.
Aaru and friends are walking to her room and they argue over whether aaru should agree to marry so soon. One says he is ehsaas so she doesn’t need to think while the other say, that she has only chatted over to him as ehsaas but never known him as a real person so she should take time to know him. Aaru says she is confused and she will meet them the next day in Holi function and leaves. Her parents wait for her in her room and they say that whatever her decision is, they will support her. She says that she doesn’t even know rahul so she needs time to know rahul b4 she takes a decision.

Precap of the Khoobsurat and Anamika:
Jeet and Rano are dancing on “Do me a favor let’s play Holi” song. Rahul says that Aaru luvs ehsaas and not him and this is wrong to put her under the impression that he is ehsaas. Madhu is not telling anything.

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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