Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 26th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Aradhya conversing with Menka over the phone. Menka asks her if she is in that house for Dadi’s health or to cook. Aradhya replies by saying , she doesn’t need to worry about anything and to give recipe. Menka doesn’t know the recipe hence she says she will consult with Maharaj but Aradhya asks her not to bother , she will seek help from the Internet.

The scene shifts to Madhav and Rahul. Rahul is lifting weights. Madhav wants to shut the show (Ehsaas’s show). Rahul is completely against the idea and tells him that people love him, he motivates people with his words. Madhav counters by telling him he doesn’t motivate anyone and it will be better if the show is shut before people stop believing in Ehsaas of their lives. Rahul thinks to himself he is aware of why he wants to shut the show. He asks God to help Madhav get his love.

The scene then directs to Aradhya in the kitchen. Aradhya is looking at recipes of Daal Baati. But she isn’t sure about the ingredients’ measurements.

Dadi and Bharti are in living room. Bharti is saying no one can make Daal Baati in this house except Madhav. Dadi says of course , because Madhav is the closest to her heart.

Bharti takes Dadi to the kitchen. Dadi asks Aradhya if she knows what to give in the daal. She says , yes, she does and starts listing the ingredients. Bharti’s face is
Then Dadi says, if Aradhya pours even quarter of the magic she has in her words , then the Daal would be great

Aradhya smiles. Bharti asks Aradhya what she wants for her nek. She says 10% marks which internally works for the college principal. Bharti is furious and scolds Aradhya loudly. Madhav sees all this. Dadi smiles at Aradhya’s request and she smiles. She promises that her bahu will live up to her promise.Then he comes in. He asks Dadi to go rest. Aradhya says her parents never scolded her like that. She is tolerating all this for Dadi. Madhav looks sad. While going to Dadi’s room, Bharti asks Dadi why she made a promise , when she knows that Bharti will never go against principles. Dadi says what’s principles in front of kids. Bharti says she is sure Aradhya will never pass nor will she be able to make the daal. That is when some women come in. Bharti asks Dadi why they are here. Dadi says it’s her bahu’s first time in the kitchen. She wanted to make it memorable.

The women ask Dadi if Aradhya can make Daal Baati. Dadi replies by saying you can taste it yourself. Bharti thinks to herself , if Aradhya can’t make this properly then the women will talk around in the neighbourhood saying Bharti’s bahu can’t cook well. Madhav is stressed and blames himself for all this.

Aradhya is in the kitchen she has Ata and Maida in two hands, she asks herself which one is which. Madhav replies by saying the one in the right hand is Ata. She gets annoyed seeing him. She asks him what he is doing here. He replies by telling her that she is here for Dadi and she doesn’t need to do all this rasams. he says he will go and tell everyone the truth. But, Aradhya replies by saying if he does that Dadi will get even more ill and she will be stuck here forever. Then she asks him to keep his suggestions to himself.

Bharti’s husband comes in. He asks why everyone is here on a meeting. Then dadi reminds him of the rasam. The women go on about what their bahus made the first day while Bharti is annoyed and furious. Dadi replies them all saying once they eat Aradhya’s prepared dishes they will forget everything. Bharti’s husband asks her why she isn’t pleased. She says she is waiting for Dadi’s illusions to break. He is confident and smiling to himself , he knows Aradhya will break Bharti’s illusion not Dadi’s. Aradhya is having a hard time at the kitchen. Madhav is peeking at her.Rahul calls Madhav and he tells her how Aradhya is cooking Daal. Rahul suggests they order Daal Bati from the restaurant. He suggests this to Aradhya. Aradhya again tells him to keep his ideas to himself. She didn’t learn to lie and get her way. While, Bharti roams around the garden from where Madhav is seeing Aradhya. Bharti tells the servant to water the plants. Madhav is nervous. He knows she will yell at him if she sees him. Madhav tells Aradhya to put ghee.

Meanwhile, Bharti hears this. Aradhya is thinking he is deliberately distracting her so she can’t make it. She asks Madhav what he is doing at such an odd place. Madhav stammers and replies how the plants need water. He gets nervous and starts blabbering and help Aradhya indirectly. Bharti says Madhav is probably tormented by the humidity. While Bharti leaves, she sees Madhav helping Aradhya.

Precap : Madhav’s dad says Aradhya made Daal Baati. He asks Dadi to have it first. But she says she will it by Aradhya’s hands. While, Madhav comes in.

Update Credit to: ilovedhanjanird

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