Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 25th April 2013 Written Update

Bharti is busy checking some book when brij comes and asks her to join the others for dinner. Bharti declines but he requests her that though she isn’t enjoying these things, at least she shouldn’t spoil the enjoyment of others. He says her to come at least for the safe of them. The food has come and dadi asks pallo to bring her purse but aaru tells it’s her treat and she will pay. She asks madhu’s wallet. However, he is lost so dadi calls his and he comes back to senses. Aaru repeats her question abt wallet and madhu says it’s on the sofa. Aaru goes to get it. Suddenly madhu realizes that the wallet has aaru’s photo and fears if she will sees it. Madhu tries to stop aaru but she opens it and sees her photo. Aaru is very angry and glares at madhu who is very embarrassed already. Aaru pays the money and angrily returns the wallet and leaves.

Bharti joins the dinner table and aaru keeps glaring at him. Dinner is done and madhu is back in room. Aaru comes and asks him the wallet. As he gives it, she takes out her photo and burns it much to madhu’s shock. B4 leaving the room she warns madhu not to build castles in the air as she will never accept him and he has no right to keep her photo also in his wallet. She stresses that she is here only for dadi and leaves. Madhu is so sad that he has tears in his eyes. Aaru is so sad and she comes out of the house crying and thinking about the desperate situation her life is in. This is when rahul comes back home. Rahul, who was supposed to speak to aaru regarding madhu, tells her what took place in office in the morning. Aaru is disgusted and she starts arguing with him and rahul starts telling that madhu’s love is true and she should try to understand it rather than just overlooking him due to his looks.

Aaru is really furious at rahul as she believes he is no one to advise her and warns him not to interfere in her life and to stop his free lectures. She adds that if he continues to annoy her then she will leave the house, despite the fact that dadi need her. She returns to the room and shout at madhu for what rahul spoke to her. She asks him if she is a toy which rahul and madhu are exchanging according to their likes and preferences. She asks if he is indeed trying to bring rahul and aaru close. She tells that she is independent and has a family who can support her so she doesn’t need anyone from outside. She takes madhu b4 the mirror and places him in front and asks him to look at her and then at him. She asks that if he can desire for a beautiful wife like her then doesn’t she have the right to desire for a handsome and smart husband? She says she has the right to expect and asks if she does this why does she have to listen from everyone that beauty is not everything as love from heart is more prior. She says that she feels beauty is important and so she has nothing left in their relationship so he shouldn’t expect anything from her. She leaves the room furiously.

Madhu is disheartened yet again and he gets flashbacks of the chirpy and bubbly and sweet talking aaru b4 the whole marriage incident and then recalls the words aaru said just a few seconds b4. He is extremely sad. It’s the next day and pallo is studying and amid these, she asks doubts to bharti. However, bharti is irritated by the loud laughter of dadi and aaru. However brij is glad that dadi is happy in aaru’s presence and says that aaru is the perfect DIL of this house as she has already started spreading happiness in the house. However, bharti starts her usual lectures that aaru is wasting her time and she has to score well. Brij is angry as she is always concerned about the marks but not of the happy atmosphere. However, he is worried that is they score less than bharti is not gonna spare them. Just then aaru and dadi comes out all chatting and enjoying. Pallo asks what they were discussing and share it with all and dadi says aaru was sharing her bad cooking experiences.

Aaru gets her mom’s call and she asks her good recipes but menka is not much aware about cooking lessons so tells aaru to find another better option. Aaru says she will manage and cuts the phone. She gets back to the convo and bharti who has been listening to everything says that aaru shouldn’t try to do things which she is not able to do. Dadi tells her not to dishearten aaru by saying like this and advices her to think positive. Aaru finally finds a menu she can try to make and dadi tells aaru to try making Dal Bhati chaawal as madhu likes it a lot. Aaru is furious yet tensed hearing this.

Everyone are at the dining table and dadi tells aaru to ask her nekk from bharti. However, instead of asking money, aaru asks for 10 marks for her exams. Bharti is shocked and furious at her.

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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