Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Dadi tells her to keep her husband from other girls. Dadi especially warns about the girls in Mumbai. Dadi tries to warn Aaru about how girls will try to gain attention from Madhav but Aaru tells no need to worry as the more the girls’ tries to come closer Madhav will only run away more from her.
Prerna is waiting for Rahul when he returns. Rahul is surprised to see and asks why she was not sleeping. She said she was waiting so that they could speak. Rahul says he too wants to speak to her but is very tired now and they should talk in the morning. Prerna is sad but doesn’t show her sadness.
Madhav comes out changing and Aaru goes to change. Madhav takes the pillow and is about to leave the room. Aaru asks Madhav where he is going. Madhav tells there is no sofa. Aaru tells him he shouldn’t go out and that they both will sleep in same bed..
They both try to sleep but end up chatting with each other. They enjoy chatting about their childhood stories. Madhav finds Aaru asleep and is looking at Aaru. He makes her sleep properly and is about to remove his hand when she holds on to his hand. He keeps staring at her and falls asleep.
Aaru wakes up and sees that she took the entire blanket and feels guilty. She puts the blanket for him when he gets up and they share a small eye-lock. Aaru tries to give explanation and indirectly shows her concern for Madhav and on being questioned by Madhav she wriggles out.
In the morning, Prerna comes and asks Bharthi to get Rahul’s plate ready but Bharthi informs her that Rahul left early. Bharthi asks if all is well. Prerna replies yes and leaves saying she’ll come soon for breakfast. She thinks to herself that the meeting was 8.30 then why did he have to go so early. She gets a message from Rahul apologising for not meeting her and that they will speak in the evening. Prerna is irritated that when will they be able to speak.
Aaru greets Dadi and Aaru tells that today they should meet with the specialist for Dadi. Dadi is not very keen but Aaru jokes that they should meet the specialist soon before they meet another fan of Madhav.
Anisha shares about her experience of meeting Ehsaas. She wishes to meet him once more. Smriti assures her that she’ll meet him soon. They come down for breakfast when Madhav and Anisha collide with each other and meet. Anisha screams.
Aaru tells Dadi and others about meeting Anisha yesterday. All have breakfast and Anisha gushes about being here with Madhav. Smriti introduces Anisha to Dadi. Smriti chats with Madhav.
Madhav informs Aaru and Dadi about appointment with the specialist. Madhav takes a glass with some juice and is about to drink it when he starts sneezing. Aaru says God bless u for each sneeze while Anisha is all worried for Madhav and fusses over him. Dadi is not pleased to see this.

Precap: Madhav and Aaru are talking about music which they like when Anisha interrupts which annoys Aaru slightly. Madhav then listens to Anisha.

Update Credit to: Maria

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