Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 22nd May 2013 Written Update

A file is given to Anisha who works in the hotel. Anisha asks her staff to get a bouquet. She remembers Aaru as the girl whom she bumped into the other day. Anisha guesses that she must be Ehsaas’s wife.
Madhav leaves for the restroom asking Aaru to order. Aaru is confused about Madhav choice so decides to wait. Anisha who sees this goes away smiling. Madhav and Aaru are served food. Madhav is happy and praises Aaru for ordering all his favourite food. Anisha looks on. But Aaru says she didn’t order them. This confuses Madhav as to who ordered the food.
Staff says the dinner is complimentary as they are special guests. Anisha goes to make a special dish for Ehsaas. Madhav and Aaru are about to take the same dish and their hands meet. Aaru eats and gets cough. Madhav comes to help Aaru and they are awkward about the closeness.
Aaru gives compliments to Madhav for his choice. She asks how come he likes continental when said karela and all that earlier. Madhav says it’s his preference at home outside he likes this.
Anisha comes with the coffee according his tastes. Anisha introduces herself as his fan. Aaru remembers her excitement.
Madhav asks her to sit with them. Same time Gaurav is praising Dadi for her idea. Dadi tells they both will realise their feelings when there is no third person in between them.
Madhav introduces Aaru to Anisha. Madhav drinks the coffee. Anisha asks Madhav about the coffee when Madhav tells coffee is good but it would have been better.. Anisha doesn’t let him complete and tells him he knows what he needs. She also asks Aaru what she wants. Aaru replies a regular coffee. She calls a staff and asks him to get coffee and something for Madhav. Aaru is curious to know what Anisha orders and asks her but gets an evasive answer.
The hotel staff comes there with a plate of pan and coffee. Aaru is amused to see Madhav having pan with coffee and asks him about it.
Anisha tells Madhav used to have pan with coffee from college days when he sits late for studies. Anisha is astonished to know that Aaru doesn’t know this and asks her to which Aaru replies she knows now..
Anisha asks Madhav to start the show once again and gets emotional while praising about his show.. Madhav says he’ll think about it.
The staff then brings bouquet which Anisha presents to Madhav.
Madhav insists on paying the bill but Anisha doesn’t agree. But on Madhav’s insistence tells Madhav that he can give her a treat in return. She also asks for his number and also asks Aaru for permission which Aaru amusedly gives. .
Rahul and Prerna comes home at 10. Prerna is scared of Bharthi but Rahul reassures her. Prerna slips and Rahul saves her. Rahul asks her to take care.
Rahul gets hurt and Prerna comes to help. Prerna teases him. The both cutely romance saying they both are there to care for each other. Prerna leaves and Rahul looks on with a smile.
In the car, Aaru teases Madhav about Anisha. Aaru asks about the radio which reminds him about Rahul being burdened with more work.
At home, Rahul is working when Prerna comes into the room to speak to him but Rahul asks her to wait for 5 minutes as he is busy due to Madhav’s absence. Prerna asks if she can help but Rahul declines. Prerna is waiting.
Rahul gets a call from office due to technical problems. He leaves informing Prerna about the problem in office. Prerna is sad but doesn’t show it.
Aaru and Madhav enter the house and are still talking about his fan. Dadi sees this and is happy to see them. Aaru tells Dadi all about Anisha. Aaru then asks Dadi about staying so late and asks about having her medicine. On getting a negative response Aaru tells Madhav she’ll give Dadi medicine.
Aaru gives medicines to Dadi and laughs about Anisha. She is about to leave when Dadi stops Aaru. Dadi tells her to keep her husband from other girls. Dadi especially warns about the girls in Mumbai.

Precap: Madhav is about to leave the room. Aaru asks Madhav where he is going. Madhav tells there is no sofa. Aaru tells him he shouldn’t go out and that they both will sleep in same bed.. Madhav is looking at Aaru who is asleep on the other side of the bed.

Update Credit to: Maria

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