Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 22nd April 2013 Written Update

On Dadi’s insistence, Madhav and Aaradhya feed halwa to each other. Aaradhya is visibly uncomfortable, and as Madhav feeds her, she vows to make his life hell. As Pallavi teases the newlyweds, Bharti gets annoyed and asks her to eat quietly or go study. Bharti husband cracks a joke and mentions how happy he is about Madhav’s wedding with Aaradhya. Bharti walks off, and comes across the newspaper where Ehsaas’s true identity is revealed.

The Mansinghas are lamenting Aaradhya’s fate, when they get a call from Bharti. She asks them to send her books as her exams are approaching in 10 days.

Dadi is with Madhav and Aaradhya, and she is happy that Dadi’s health is improving. Dadi asks him to bring an old album to show her his old pictures. She casually taunts that he doesn’t need to shy from her as she knows his true face already. To cover up, she remarks that he talks a lot as an RJ, but is very silent in real life. As Dadi shows her the old pictures, Aaradhya casually taunts him again, which makes Madhav walk off from there.

Rahul meets Madhav and assures him that Aaradhya will surely fall in love with him one day. Rahul gets a call from the office and leaves off to discuss prospects of a new show.

Bharti is clearly upset and lets it out on her husband as he forgets where he’d kept his book. She goes to retrieve it from Madhav’s room only too see Aaradhya’s entire wardrobe on the bed.

Aaradhya goes into her room to find Bharti in there. She cracks a joke which is again an indirect taunt about her forced wedding. Madhav enters and Bharti rudely comments about how dirty the room is. Madhav tells her that as he was keeping Aaradhya’s clothes in the wardrobe, the bag fell. Aaradhya chides him for lying and admits that she was trying to find her make up kit, which is what caused the mess. She then asks him to clean up the room on the pretext that he never lets her do any work, and Madhav meekly goes off to clean her trash. Bharti is furious at the way Aaradhya is treating him, while Aaradhya gives him some more instructions on how to tidy her room in a fakely sweet voice and smiles snidely.

Once Bharti leaves, she snatches the clothes from his hand and accuses him of feigning innocence. She forbids him from ever touching her stuff. As he leaves, she falls on the bed and cries to herself as to why she’s doing all this, and why is all this happening to her.

Aaradhya’s sister calls her and tells her to come back home. As she’s telling her how she keeps herself safe with a knife, Madhav enters and she cuts the call. Madhav goes to drink the tea which is cold and tasteless, on which Aaradhya remarks that like her life, his life too will be like the tea: cold and tasteless. As she walks off, he drinks the tea with love.

Precap: So the hush hush radio show is supposed to feature snippets of conversation between Ehsaas and Aaradhya that shows how much in love they were. Aaradhya is scandalised.

Update Credit to: Balampichkari

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