Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 20th May 2013 Written Update

Aaru tells that she will not leave until her work is not over she will not leave till then. Bharthi hears this and misunderstands Aaru once again. Aaru tries to console Madhav. He tells her that needn’t stay back because of Dadi. Bharthi chips in and tells she has done enough for Dadi now she need not stay her anymore.

Madhav and Aaru are shocked to see Bharthi and stand up. Bharthi tells Aaru that she needn’t stay here anymore as they are there to take care of Dadi. Aaru leaves from there. Madhav tells Bharthi that she shouldn’t have spoken like that to Aaru. Bharthi tells that Aaru is here not for Dadi but because she wants revenge from the family. Madhav tries to defend Aaru but Bharthi is not listening. She leaves and Madhav looks on. In Dadi’s room, Doctor tells that they should take care of Dadi and that they should behave as if ever thing is fine. Rahul tells that he’ll stay with Dadi. All leave and Rahul asks the doctor if Dadi is fine. Doctor jokingly says that he hasn’t seen a healthier Dadi ever. Dadi wakes up and all three are happy that their plan succeeded. Flashback is shown about how Dadi heard Rahul and Madhav’s talk the previous night about Madhav and Aaru’s divorce.

It is also shown how Dadi comes and speaks to Rahul and decides to call a friend of Rahul to help them. Dadi thanks the doctor for helping them. The doctor replies he’s happy to help them and hopes that their plans don’t fail. Dadi replies that their family never fails. Dadi thinks that for saving Madhav and Aaru’s relationship she had to say a lie once again. Someone knocks and Dadi asks the doctor if he remembers the dialogues. He says he has by hearted all of them.

Rahul opens the door and Madhav and Aaru enter. They ask Rahul how Dadi is who nods negatively. Doctor says good u both came I have to say something to all. In the hall, Bharthi tells Brij that she’ll let Dadi know about everything. Aaru’s mom is away on phone with someone and tells that that Aaru is not listening about leaving. Bharthi wants the matter to end now itself. Doctor comes out. Bharthi asks if she can meet Dadi the doctor agrees but says they should not say anything stressful. Bharthi insists on letting Dadi know the truth but Brij asks her not to. Doctor says that it will be better if they take Dadi to Mumbai for better treatment and so that Dadi gets a change.

Bharthi is worried about arrangements. Rahul says all will be done as he has a friend in Mumbai. Doctor leaves. All are in Dadi’s room, Dadi apologises for the tension. She tries to tell nothing will happen to her as long as Aaru is there. Brij tells her about the trip. He says he and Bharthi will go with her. But Dadi tells that she will go only with Madhav and Aaru. Aaru agrees. Brij tries to defend Aaru. Bharthi feels that they should let Dadi know. Prerna also agrees with Bharthi.

Rahul tells that he also wants Dadi to know the truth but after the trip. Brij also agrees to it. Aaru’s mom tries to convince Aaru to leave but Aaru refuses to leave. Aaru mom’s tries to make Aaru what all they did to her and Aaru replies says she remembers everything but she will not be able to forgive herself if anything happens to Dadi after she leaves. Aaru’s mom angrily leaves telling Aaru that she will be responsible for everything that happens henceforth in her life not Madhav and his family. Aaru is sad remembering her mom’s words.

Precap: Aaru bumps into a girl by mistake. They apologise. The girl leaves from there and finds Madhav far away and recognises him as Ehsaas. She tries to call Ehsaas.

Update Credit to: Maria

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