Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 20th March 2013 Written Update

Parewal family in the hall. Pallo is serving coffee. Dadi enquires about the previous night dinner for which Ajay says it was good and today again he has to go there to select the wedding card. He requests Rahul to come along as his selection is good. When asked even Madhav also agrees to accompany. Pallo remarks that Madhav agreeing this easily is a surprise for which he tries to cover up that he has free time so he is going.

At Aaru’s place family along and Aaru’s friends are discussing with the wedding planner on the Lehenga of Megs. RaMa and Ajay come in and when asked to help in the selection of Dupatta for Megs, he pushes that work on to Rahul stating Rahul has good choice. Rahul comments that any color will go on Bhabhi because their entire family is Khoobsurat. Aaru takes it as a compliment for herself and she blushes.

Her friends hatch up a plan so that the relation with Ehasas can go forward and Aaru’s love story can come on track. Same way how Aaru has given Chocolates to Ehasas through Madhav, they decide to give a Wrist Watch which they pick from the collection, the wedding planner has brought to select for the groom. They pack it nicely and call Madhav aside and handover this to him stating, its for Ehasas. They also give a small letter with message stating these are from Aaru for Ehasas.

When the friends reach home, Ajay’s parents have come Ajay’s mom makes a comment to Bharathi on how she is bringing up her kids with good sanskar and also she has given good sanskar even to Rahul who is not their own. Madhav is hiding the gift pack . He goes to his room at the first opportunity and reads the message where its written that if he wears the watch in the evening for the engagement function, Aaru will think that Ehasas has forgiven her. It is also mentioned that there is an alaram fixed for 6 pm in it so that Aaru will know that Ehasas is wearing it and he has forgiven her.

In the evening,the house is decorted for Engagement of Megs. Aaru and Co are looking great and they are waiting for the groom’s family to come. Her friends explain her about the how they sent the watch. So she is waiting eagerly to know whether Ehasas has completely forgiven her or not.

Aaru opens the door to welcome and she gets a big shock seeing Bharathi. She is staring and standing there. Her dad comes and invites every one in and again Ajay’s mom praises Bharathi and says, she is the princy. Ajay mentions Aaru is studying there. Both Madhav and Pallo are having smiles because they understand the discomfort Aaru has.

Functionstarts, and Bharathi is with stern face. Dadi and Pallo are enjoying. Both Madahv and Rahul are wearing long sleeve kurtas so Aaru is not able to understand weather Rahul is wearing the watch or not. She is trying to look and find but its all in vain. At the sametime, Madahv is trying to show that he is wearing the watch but he is not so successful. His shy nature is also adding up.

Two ladies enquire Bharathi about Rahul’s marraige. She is upset that no one notices her son and she thinks getting Rahul married is the best way to escape from him. That way he will get away from her family.

Megs and Ajay cut a big layered cake. Prerana and Bharathi feel stupid at all these rituals and Prerana comments that time is getting wasted.

At one point of time, Bharathi calls Madhav and suggests that they should leave as the function is not ending, for which Madhav is a bit apprehensive. Rahul also reaches there and both try to convince her that going off will not be good and Giridhar’s family may feel bad.

Aaru is looking from a distance and she is trying to observe the watch but she is positioned in such a way that she is not able see the hands of RaMa as Bharathi is covering both of them. Both the sons are facing each other and standing in front of Bharathi. Suddnely the alaram sound starts and Madhav is startled and is trying to take off the watch.

Precap: Aaru is lamenting how to know whether Ehasas has forgiven her or not. Madhav commenting, its good that Aaru could see that he is wearing the watch.

Update Credit to: ApoorvaFan

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