Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 15th May 2013 Written Update

Aaru tells Madhav that he is hurt Aaru says she is going to refuse. Madhav tells he is fine but Aaru is worried.
The round starts. Madhav is hurting badly. Aaru is worried. Madhav says not to worry about him. Madhav and Aaru continue walking. The matki was about to fall but was saved. Aaru thinks Madhav will not stop so she has to do something. She drops the matki. They are out of the round. At home, Bharthi in her mind is blames Aaru for the fall and thinks Aaru is not fit for Madhav.
Madhav tells Aaru they could have won this round. Aaru says everthing happens for good. The other couple also drop the matki. MC says they will have another round after a short while. He says that couples can rest for a while.
Aaru goes to the MC and asks for first aid box. He says he’ll send it to the room but Aaru insists and MC gives it to her.
Aaru shouts at Madhav for removing the bandage. She is about to bandage him when Madhav tells he will do it. Aaru taunts whether the wound won’t heal if she does the bandage. Madhav stares at Aaru while she bandages him.
Aaru is worried to see Madhav in pain as he is trying to stand. She hesistantly gives her hand. Madhav is happy and gives his hand.
They reach the room. Aaru sits in front of mirror. Madhav tries to take water but Aaru shouts at him and gives him water.
Aaru worries about the next round. She tells Madhav that he can quit if he is hurting very badly. Madhav says he’s fine. Madhav thinks to himself even though they can’t be a perfect couple in real life he wants to win all the rounds in this contest.
Just then there is some trouble with light. Madhav and Aaru call out for help. Madhav bangs the door and screams for help. Aaru tries to call someone through phone but the phone is dead. Madhav tells her to move from there as the decorative lamp was about to fall. Aaru tries to go to Madhav but is stuck as her lehanga gets stuck. Madhav comes to help her. Just then the decorative lamp falls from the ceiling and they both fall while Madhav tries to save Aaru.
MC comes in and congratulates them. Madhav and Aaru are confused. MC asks them to come out and they will know everything.
MC says that if end is good then everything is good. He continues that till now we saw how couples worked together but when it comes to the life of the spouse.
MC shows the footage of how both couples behaved when faced with the same situation. The first couple were trying to save themselves while Madhav and Aaru tries to save each other.
MC declares Aaru and Madhav the winners and praises their love for each other. They are given the prize.
At home, Dadi is happy to see that the win and praises their love.. Bharthi is sad and thinks why u love Aaru so much Madhav when all she does is hurt to u.
Madhav and Aaru are in the car. Madhav says the last round was a nice idea. Madhav sees Aaru silent and asks why she is so sad. He apologises for touching her and says it all happened in the tension. Aaru stops him and says he need not apologise either for saving her life or for loving her. Aaru says sorry for always misunderstand him. She says she feels very small in front of him. She says he is a nice person and that he has a very big heart. She says she knows his love her is true but she can’t love him as she has humdardi in her heart for him not love.

Precap: Bharthi shouts at Aaru. She tells Aaru not to play with the family’s feelings and that she knows everything and Aaru needn’t pretend. Aaru is confused. Bharthi warns her that she has time till next morning to tell the family.

Update Credit to: Maria

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