Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 15th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with the Roka preparation at Periwal house– Roka of Prerna. Bharti is making the rangoli and both the brothers decorating the house. Dadi pestering Prerna to got to the parlour but she refuses.

Madhav’s dad gets a call from the guy’s father confirming their visit as well as telling that their daughter has liked their son. Madhav’s dad announces this happy news to every one. Madhav doesnt seems to be happy; he gets nervous!

@madhav’s room:

Madhav looking out of the window with Ardhya’s pic in his hand. He is reminded of Aru’s request of meeting her at the coffee shop. Bharti enters articulating her happiness. madhav remains silent.

@Roka ceremony— or a another humiliation for Madhav?

The guy’s family enter. Roka ceremony of Prerna is completed. Then the boy’s father insist on completing the Roka ceremony of their daughter as well. Madhav’s nervousness begins; his shaking of hands begins. Bharti tells him to sit down on the couch. The girl’s mother tells her to sit besides the boy.

she goes and sits next to Rahul everyone is taken aback. Bharti tells her to sit next to madhav. the girl immediately gets up and raises her objection. she says her parents had shown him rahul’s pic so she said yes to him.

Madhav’s dad tries to clear off the confusion saying the “rishta” was for Madhav. The boy’s (prerna’s would be’s) mother makes an utterly rude and humiliating comment on madhav.

she says how could they (periwals) think that her daughter would marry some one like madhav who is not even anywhere near to her in looks!! Madhav has tears in his eyes.

Madhav’s dad tells the guests that they want some time to think.

after the guests left Bharti politely tells every one that they should have sent ONLY n ONLY Madhav’s pic. and leaves the room. so does madhav.

there Aru is sitting at the cafe waiting for Madhav…

@madhav’s room:
madhav is disheartened and upset. he gets a msg from ardhya confirming if he is coming or not. madhav is reluctant to go but still makes an attempt.


Aru is sitting the cafe with files in her hand Madhav enters… ( i loved the way rohit climbs down the stairs— slowly with all the nervousness beautifully done by him)

he sees Aru… and a over hears a bunch of guys talking about Aru. one of them is staring at her and other one is admiring her beauty. they say only a handsome hunk; dude would get such a girl…

Madhav over hears this… he turns his face and there u go… there’s a mirror… madhav is again arrested by his looks; he’s reminded of the “brown boo experience” “the experience when he was about meet his fans for the first as ehsaas” and “the roka experience”…

all the courage that he had gathered to come n meet aru is crushed; he looses all his confidence once again…and leaves

@Madhav’s house:

he says that they did not start the conversation about his proposal. it was the other family who started; proposal was initiated by them and ended with them so he aint sad about it.
he says he’s happy that Prerna’s Roka was completed happily.

Bharti announces that the guy’s family has called off the roka…

Precap:Entry of Aru’s sister’s fiance. Aru sees him with rahul at a coffee shop. Rahul and that guy are supposed to be best friends. Aru is elated like anything. she throws a welcome party for her “jiju” in order to meet Ehsaas face to face…

Update Credit to: nb.neha

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