Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 14th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with madhu in the recording room. A fan is talking to him and asks about the ghazal special song and he says they r finally ready to be played after so much hindrances. He plays the next song. Aaru is very sad that her call is not connecting and meg and her friends try to cheer her up. Finally they take her home. Its morning and dadi (madhav’s house) asks bharti if they r doing right. Suddenly madhu appears and every gets quite. Bharti acts normal nd asks madhu if his kurta is ready that he should wear when he goes to meet prerna’ s in-laws. Madhu is nervous and asks if this is right and dad supports him. She asks if this sis some kinda barter system and bharti opposes saying that nothing is wrong. She ignores dadi and suggests madhu to get some new photos clicked of him. Rahul comes for breakfast and agrees with bharti. He says that he will use his phone tocnlick the best pics of madhu. Bharti pays no attention and tells madhu to click photos from studio. Rahul tells that he will get the studio people get madhu’s best pics. Bharti is tired of Rahul.

Aaru and friends are in studio and they say that it’s very important to meet ehsaas otherwise princi will screw them. Aaru says she’s tired of thinking about this and she has formed dark circles due to which her photo will come back. Her friends say that they have come to click photos for the examination form and not for modeling. They get in to clikc for passport size photo. Rahul and madhu comes to the same studio to click photos. Rahul jokes to the studio owner that he needs phot of madhu b4 and after his murder. He gets scared and Rahul tells he was joking and all he needs sis some nice pics of madhu. Madhusityring to stay calm during his photos btu one or the other way ti goes wrong. In the meantime, aaru and fireds spot them and they srat drooling over Rahul(actually ehsaas). Finally Rahul comes to mahdu and astads with him and their photo turns gud. The photographer compliments it too calling them “jai veeru” Finally they come out and madhu is busy paying when Rahul is abt to bring the car. Aarucomes b4 rahul and he is very furious and leaves.

Aaru is sad but still she goes to madhu and tells him she wants to meet him in private and have something important to talk to him. Madhu is very nervous. She asks if they can meet in the caf near the radiostation at 6pm in evening. Madhu in a nervous state agrees and aarusi super happy. Aaru goes from the studio and madhu sees a photo of her lying on the floor. Without anyone’s notice, he keeps it in his wallet. Aaru says she has to butter madhu and have good terms with him coze only he can make her patch up with ehsaas(Rahul). Her friends then tease madhu’scolor and how he looks somewhere else and talks to aaru. Aaru tells them not to comment on anyone’s color like this and laugh. They say that when she is meeting madhu it’s better to have some files with her or else people will think they r a couple. Aaru is very angry and says that shouldn’t happen. She then says that situation is making her to hold boring files as well.

Everyone in family are seeing the pics of madhu and pallo laughs seeing them that they r funny. Rahul says that they r nice while bharti finds some pics where Rahul and madhu are togheter. Brij finds the duo pic nic compared to madhu’s solo pics so decided to send that pic to prerna’s in-laws(oops another MU). Bharti says that not right but everyone tells that pic should eb sent. Bharti scolds Rahul for being in the pic though he says he was trying to support his friend. She leaves furiously. Brij consoles Rahul but he says he never minds what bharti says as her scolding as has hidden love for him. Brij goes to talk to bharti when she is looking at an old photo and flashback sequence:

Photo section of class is done and little madhu who is sitting near the teacher is replaced by Rahul and madhu is made to sit in the corner. Little madhuis sad and in the photo also he is looking sad. Bharti was witnessing the scene and she felt bad. Some parents also commented that Rahul is smart, cute and fair.
Flashback ends

Bharti comes back to senses when brij asks her why she behaved rudely to Rahul. How can she underestimate her madhu? She says that madhu has been best in all terms compared to rahul and it only comes to looks that Rahul overtakes him. Otherwise her son is the best and yet why he always needs others(she is meaning Rahul) to give him support. Brij consoles her that things will be better in future and she has to have faith in god and a chaadjaise girl will come as the bride of madhu and bharti calms down.

Madhu is in the recording room and solving the problem of a girl who had fought with her boyfriend. Aaru is listening. He says that whatever problem is, she has to face it. Girl tells she cant face him. He says if so then she can either try to speak to him through sms, letter or even through a friend and he is sure the problem will be resolved. Aaru is super happy thinking that ehsaas has finally deided to give her a second chance and her messenger/ehsaas’s friend madhu might have talked to Rahul about this already and convinced him. She jumps on the bed and gets excited.

The girl who rishta came for madhav/Rahul is aksed to sit near her chosen boy. She goes and sits near Rahul and everyone is shocked. Bharti tells her to come and sit near madhu as it’s her real place and she along with her parents are shocked

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