Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 13th May 2013 Written Update

Starts with Aaru asking Brij to help her to find some other probable rounds for the competition. But he says he do not have any knowledge in this. Aaru’s looks fall on the news paper where there is an article about how best you know your better half.. There are Qs on what is your hubby’s favourite dish etc… Aaru gets an idea for next round. She goes to Madahv who is sitting at the dining table and having tea.

She asks him about his likes and dislikes and shares hers. She likes Carrot juice where as Madahv likes some sharbat. Madahv likes Karele ki Sabji where as Aaru likes the fresh veggies like Capcicum etc.. When he is angry Madahv eats sweet to get his anger out where as Aaru likes to throw away things but she will never throw her makeup kit. She says to Madahv to remember about her Makeup kit.

They start walking from there while talking about the tastes etc.. Madahv is all smiles and is enjoying this cute chatter of Aaru.

Suddenly she asks if he is allergic about any thing. He says nothing but Pallo comes and interrupts them… Madahv sneezes hardly and asks her which perfume she has put on. Pallo says, Madahv is allergic to perfumes. Aaru comments she likes them. Pallo takes Aaru in her room to explain more and she also says, Madhav does not like if the room is not clean and things are spread for which Aaru says, her room is always spread.

Madhav In his room, looks at the clock on the table and goes and picks the divorce papers for signing. He gets a call from Rahul to come out so leaves the papers on the center table and goes out. He meets Princy on the way, who wants to give him milk and he says her to put the glass in his room and walks off downstairs. Princy comes in and see the papers and is surprised. In the meanwhile Madahv remembers about the papers so he rushes back. She hides behind the door. He takes the papers and puts them back in the drawer.

Next day MaYa start off to Jaipur for the competition after getting wishes and blessings from the family. They reach there by evening and when they enter the competition, Madhav is very nervous while listening to the organizer in the mike about the rules etc.. Aaru observes that he is tensed and asks him is he ok for which he nods his head. They get colourful traditional attire from the organizers and were asked to change. After they come back in those nice clothes, the 1st round is announced. The entire family except Princy is watching them on TV.

All the women are with Ghunghat in a row and the guys are supposed to identify the wife. Madahv’s turn and he nervously goes around trying to identify each lady and finally identifies Aaru. Eyelock. Later, Aaru asks him did he notice her nails or nail polish or her hand movement for which he says, he identified somehow.

Family is happy.. Pallo goes to her mom who is kitchen and informs her. She is lost in her thoughts and is worried about the divorce papers. Pallo asks her to join the rest to watch the TV.

Second round : the hubbys stand at one end and the wives with blind fold should reach the hubby by surpassing the obstacles on the way. The hubby can guide them through their voice/talk. After hearing the rules of this round, Aaru is very apprehensive that she cannot hear Madahv as he speaks so low so it is very tough…

The round starts and all the hubbies are shouting to their wives. Madhav calls Aaradhya but she is not able to hear him at all… he is worried and tensed. Finally he remembers that she can identify Ehasas among thousand voices…He also remembers how she told she hates Ehasas etc… Flash back. Finally he calls Aaradhya,… you have to hear me. Listen and follow my advice and all your obstacles will be out… This is in Ehasas’s voice. Aaru is surprised and was able to identify Ehasas. She is freezed… As her eyes are covered, her expressions are not clear but she is upset, angry and is remembering the marriage dhoka etc and is standing still…

Precap: Madhav has some injury on the feet looks like. Rahul is cleaning it and he says, signing these divorce papers are too much for Madhav and he will not be happy his whole life for which Madahv says, for him AAru’s happiness is important. Aaru is listening to this from the door of the room.

Update Credit to: ApoorvaFan

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