Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 11th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Starts with Aaradhya and Ehasas’s call. Ehasas agrees to meet Aaradhya the next day evening to collect the Record from her. They agree on Red Scraf/Muffler as the identification of Ehasas. He also asks a promise from her that she will not disclose who Ehasas is to anyone. Once the call is over, Rahul is very furious about Aaradhya. He understands that she must have changed the song in the playlist. He calls his staff and asks them to find the song at any cost. Madhav convinces that he has to meet her once so that her madness will come to an end.

After the call, Aaradhya is very happy and she says she to wait for next day to make her dream come true and get rid of the pressure from Bharathi Mam.

Scene 2:
Madhav is sleeping and he gets nightmare of the childhood “Brown Boo” wala incident. He gets up and is worried.

He remembers the flashback : within one week of the Ehasas show, he becomes very popular and lots girls are fans of him. Rahul tells Madhav to go in front of a group of girls in Jhankar office, looks like fans who have come to meet. After lots of confidence building from Rahul, Madhav goes to meet them but before he goes near them he hears their words that Ehasas has to be smart and Prince Charming because his voice is mesmarizing. So he makes Rahul agree that he will be always behind the curtains and Ehasas will never be visible and only heard and felt.

He also remembers Aaradhya’s words that he has to meet her to get the record. He is worried and confused.

Scene 3:
Rahul comes from in the morning and says he will make some plan so that Madhav’s hurdles will be solved.

Scene 4:
Aaradhya in the college. She says to the office peon that by tomorrow, she will get the pic of Ehasas. She is happy and cheerful and her friends look over her with surprise.

Scene 5:
Bharathi stops Madhav and says that today evening people are coming to meet his sis Prerana so he has to be early. Asusual, she tries to ignore Rahul though he tries to join the disucssion. She warns to Madhav that Rahul has to wear “Dhang ke Kapade” if he wants to meet the guests.

Scene 6:
Dadi tries to counsel Prerana to get ready well by wearing good neck piece and going to parlour for a make over. Prerana rejects and says, she would like to be as she is. Dadi could not make her agree and she laments that its all because of some one else. (She is hinting at Bharathi). When Dadi is leaving, Bharathi is looking at her with stern looks. After she leaves, Bharathi is looking at Prerana with sad looks.

Scene 7:
Aaradhya is in an Auto. She is rambling that her car has broke down so she is going in an Auto. She is worried that her hair is getting spoiled so she requests the driver to go slow for which he will not give in.

Madhav is driving and he gets a call from Rahul who says he got stuck due to some work. He is starting now and Madhav needs to buy a read scarf in some shop near by. Madhav is hesistant to go out into a shop but Rahul convinces him to do so as there is less time.

Aaradhya laments that she forgot her scarf in car then suddenly she spots a scarf shop so she asks the driver to wait for a min but the auto driver rejects stating women do lot of delay in shopping. so Aaradhya gets down from auto and opens her purse to pay him. At little distance we see Madhav next to his car and he recognizes Aaradhya and looks at her. But she is busy talking/Arguing with the auto driver.

Suddenly a thief snatches her hand bag and runs off. First she shouts thief and then shouts that her records are in that. Madhav quickly runs behind the thief and even Aaradhya notices that Madhav is running to catch the thief. Its a tight market place and suddenly the thief encouters a cycle and falls down. Madhav catches that guy and gives him two-three hand kicks. that guy runs off leaving the bag which is open and the record is seen. Madhav is dilemma and is looking at the records.

Same as promo. Madhav with red scarf in the mall escalator and Aaradhya turns back to look…

Update Credit to: ApoorvaFan

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