Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with a man entering Kapoor house like silently via wall. Disha thinks he is a thief, hits him with plank and shouts thief. Everyone comes out. Kapoor identifies him as Ayan and hugs him. Disha says why did he come like a thief. He wanted to give surprise to his parents. Kapoor says he is Suraj’s son and has come after finishing his law studies. Ayan greets Arav and Disha and says Disha anyone would have thought him as a thief. Disha apologizes him. Kapoor says they are his grandchildren. Arav shakes hands with him and says welcome to Kapoor’s. Kapoor get shappy, but Disha gets angry and takes him to room. Ayan asks if Anu aunty also came. Suraj says let us go in and talk.

Ram gives statement to inspector that he killed Anu by switching off her life support. Inspector asks him to rethink as she cannot back off. Ram nods yes and signs papers. Inspector asks constable to take Ram to cell.

Suraj’s wife serves many dishes to Ayan. Ayan says he cannot eat so much food and will not become fat in 1 day. He feels headache. Mom curses Disha. Suraj asks her to stop and says Disha also like their child. She yells that he always takes Disha’s side. Ayan asks when he he came home last Diwal, Disha and Arav were not here, then how come they are here. Suraj asks him to stop talking much and jokes that his mom will serve him more food. They laugh and share a lighter moment.

On breakfast table, Arav asks Mallika’s children which school they attend. They proudly take some international school’s name. Arav says he goes to a local school and has many friends. Manv says he should not talk much while eating. Arav says even mamma says same. Mallika taunts that he got more of Ram’s bad qualities. Disha gets irked and leaves. Kapoor asks her to finish breakfast, but she says she is full. Ayan comes there and greets Disha. She rudely greets him. He starts joking. Suraj asks him to behave with Disha. Kapoor says this joker wil not change. Ayan says he became lawyer because of him. Kapoor asks if he speak to city’s big lawyers for his internship. He says he wants to become self made and says he got a job in an NGO which fights for poor people. Kapoor congratulates him.

Disha bathes Arav. Arav jokes if they don’t bath daily, they will save a lot of water. She asks him to stop joking and asks him to wear t-shirt. He says he will wear red shirt as mamma and pappa like it. Disha reminisces the incident and angrily tells he cannot wear this shirt. He asks why is she getting angry. She apologizes him and says red shirt is dirty, so once she washes it, he can wear it. He thinks he knows she is angry on pappa and thinks pappa killed mamma, so he will have to speak to papa.

Kapoor tells Suraj that his son Ayaan’s thinking is good and he is proud of him. Ayan is thinking of helping poor people and his thinking will succeed him in life. He sends Suraj to get water for him and sits on sofa. Arav silently runs from there and tries to open main door. Watchman stops him and says he cannot go out. Arav shouts that he wants to meet papa. Kapoor hears that and goes out Disha also hears Arav’s voice and goes out to check. Kapoor shouts at Aarav to get in. Disha claps and tells Kapoor this is the best way to control a 7-year-old kid and takes Arav in.

Karan asks Ram why did he confess he killed Anu, now he will be hanged. Ram says he can stay away from his children but cannot bear their hatred. Karan says he may have accepted defeat, but he has not. He will hire a lawyer and will prove him innocent.

Precap: Kapoor tells Arav and Disha, he cannot fulfill Anu’s place, but he wants to become their good grandpa. Ayan introduces Ram as his lawyer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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