Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kapoor taking Disha and Arav home. Manav tries to provoke him against Disha that she is arrogant and like to stay on footpath instead of here. Mallika says it is good media did not see, else they would have reported music baron’s grandchildren and on footpath. Suraj says let us wait for Disha to clam down, then Kapoor will talk to him. Kapoor says Suraj is right and asks Suraj to take special care of Arav.

Disha reminisces Kapoor’s words that her arrogance cannot get money for Arav’s treatment. She looks aher mom’s big wall pic and reminisces her happier days with mom. She reminisces confronting Anu that her dad did not accept her even after 18 years. She comes out of flashback, says sorry to Anu and tells she always taught self-respect to her, but she had not other option than come and stay with naanu for Arav’s sake as she did not want to risk Arav’s life, took Kapoor’s favor unwillingly. Suraj comes with food and says sir ji did not do any favor, he is her grandpa and fulfilled his responsibility. She says if he had fulfilled his responsibility towards Anu and stop being egoistic, she would not have died. Suraj says Kappor is egoistic but very good, so he did not even changed anything in this room since 18 years. She says her mamma knew she would die, so she came to apologize kapoor, but he threw her out, he is a culprit and will always be. He asks if she got any info about Ram. She says she does not want to listen about Ram again. Suraj hears Kapoor yelling at Ram and goes to check.\

Ram says Kapoor that he wants his children back as he saw him taking them. Kapoor says he does not have his children. Manav asks him to behave with dad. Ram says kapoor he had right on Anu as she was his daughter, but not on Arav and Disha as they are his children. He enters house calling Arav and Disha. Disha comes down hearing him. He asks her to call Arav. She reminisces inspector’s words that Ram killed Anu as he could not arrange money, neighour and Karan agreeing the same, and even Ram agreeing. She asks Ram to stay where he is and not move. She says he is not her and Arav’s papa as he killed their mom and asks to go from there and never come back. Ram is shocked to heare that and asks what is she doing. She says he snatched her mamma from her and is mamma’s murderer. Ram says she is mistaking him. She asks him to get out from there. Inspector comes. Manav asks him to arrest Ram. Inspector orders constables to take Ram from there, and they take Ram.

Disha starts crying vigorously. Suraj tries to console her. Disha says she never talked loudly with her papa, but she shouted on him. Her papa killed her mama, so she will never forgive him. Arav comes down and says he heard papa’s voice, asks if he had come. She says he came, but she sent him back. He says he will meet papa. She says he will not meet papa as he killed mamma. He says he will not believe all this and will meet papa. Suraj says he will control Arav and goes behind him. Kapoor says Disha he is happy that she rejected the murderer and accepted her grandpa, he is feeling after many years that his Anu is back to him. She pushes his hand and says she wil never forget his favor, but she does not have any place for him in her life and neither Ram Ahuja. When her brother gets well, she will go from there. Kapoor fumes.

Karan goes to police station and tells inspector Ram loves his wife Anu and cannot kill her. Inspector says he is the prime suspect and court has ordered to arrest him, but he can get a lawyer for him.

Disha looks out from balcony. She sees a boy suspiciously moving around and entering house via fencing. She hides continues watching him.

Precap: Arav while having food tells it is good. Manav says he cannot speak while talking. He says even mama used to say same. Mallika says she now knows where did he get bad habits from. Ram accepts murdering Anu. Disha hits boy with stick and shouts thief.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The boy disha hits is noneother than suraj (drivers) son and they will end up falling in love

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