Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram scolding groundnut vendor for disturbing them. Anu asks Ram to sell groundnuts for her happiness. He agrees and sells groundnuts. A couple buys and say he does not look like groundnut vendor. He says he is not. They see Anu laughing and say she is mad. He asks them to mind their tongue as she is his wife. Anu asks him to apologize vendor. Ram apologizes him and sends. She wants to be happy like this until she is alive and does not want to undergo pain of chemotherapy and tests again. He says if she agrees, he will take her to her dad’s house. She says her dad will insult him. He says he can bear any insult for her.

Ram’s daughter searches envelope in cupboard and asks Arav to search. Arav checks Ram and Anu’s younger day’s pics and asks why did not Naanu accept mom and dad’s marriage.

Anu and Ram reach Anu’s dad’s house. Gaurds stop them and ask if they have any appointment. Ram says Anu is elder daughter of their boss. Guards say boss has only 1 daughter. Old servant comes, gets happy seeing them and takes them in. Anu’s younger sister and sees them and asks Any why did she bring this man as dad does not like him. Her husband shouts and asks them to get out. Dad hears his shouting and comes down. Anu says she came to meet him. Dad says she is dead for him 18 years ago. Ram asks if he is still angry on him. Dad says Anu when her mom died, he did not cry but cried when she left him 18 years ago for this poor man. He calls guards and asks to kick them out. Sister’s husband asks them not to come back again. Ram asks dad to beat him, but to listen to Anu once. Anu stops him and says dad she just wanted to see him and she will never come back again . She looks at her mom’s pic, prays, and walks back.

They come home. Anu’s daughter asks her why she’s living in past. Why she’s feeling sorry for who? Nanu who doesn’t have heart? She asks her mum what mistake she made? Just loved Ram? They did wrong by insulting Ram. Ram interferes and asks his daughter to calm down and send her to Arav. She leaves upset. Anu gets worried. Ram tells her to relax and goes to his daughter.

He sits beside her. She asks him why he had to go there. He likes to get insulted? Ram makes joke of it. She says she’s serious. Ram says no matter how he is, he’s her Nanu. Relationship is not like pencil-eraser that you can erase. He asks if he does anything wrong, then will she stop loving him? She says he can never do anything wrong. She then asks if they ever do anything like mum, then will he stop loving them? Ram hugs her and says they two can do anything, he will never stop loving them. He then tells her secret that he loves both his kids more than their mum. They laugh. He tells her not to tell Anu. She also says a secret that they also love Ram more than Anu. They then go to sleep.

Ram comes to his room. Anu asks why did he take her to his dad’s house. He says wants to see her happy. She argues with him and then asks why did he keep silent when his dad scolded her. He says again her happiness matters to him. She hugs him and says she felt good apologizing her dad.

Next day, Ram ties anu’s hand to a taxi door to take her to hospital. She shouts to release her and says she will file a case on him. Ram gets into car and tells driver that this woman is mad and to not listen to him. She continues shouting that she does not want to go to hospital.

At hospital while undergoing tests, Ram sees Anu missing from her bed.

Precap: Ram takes his family on vacation. Daughter asks if this is the place they married. Anu mimics how their friends clicked pics, slips and is about to fall from fort.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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