Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Disha thinking Kapoor’s words that she has to bear him as guardian until she becomes 18 year old. She throws stone in anger. Ayaan holds it and says she can throw it on glasses and not worry about bade papa’s angst as he has a lot of money. She asks if a minor has to stay with guardian till adulthood. He reminisces Kapoor’s that he cannot live without Disha and Arav and needs their custody. He says her it is true and says why she wants to leave when she has a loving grandpa. She gets irked and asks him to answer what she asked. She throws stone and slips Ayaan and falls on lamp shade. Ayaan says though he gave her idea to throw stone, he did not mean she should throw it on him.

During breakfast, Arav does not like pizza and says he likes aloo parantha as her mom used to cook different types of paranthas. Mallika taunts that didi had become middle class. Disha gets irked and asks if she has any problem with middle class people. Kapoor asks Mallika to behave with children. Mallika says children don’t know fine rich dining. Arav says they used to go to five star hotel but did not like its taste. He says mamma used to prepare gajar halwa every sunday and he likes it a lot. Mallika’s son says he does not like gajar halwa. Arav says he must have eaten it in five star hotel. Kapoor calls his cook and asks him to prepare gajar halwa for Arav. Arav says he wants Diksha to cook it as she prepares it like Anu.

Ram’s cell mates who is a don speaks over phone to his associate and asks him to collect ransom from builders. He asks Ram to call his daughter. He calls landline. Disha while preparing gajar halwa tries to pick mobile, but kapoor picks it before that. Ram hears kapoor’s voice and cuts call.

Suraj comes to kitchen and says Anu liked preparing gajar halwa and she used to serve him. She says even she will serve him and asks him to wait for 10 min.

Ayaan reminisces Ram’s words that he does not want to fight his case as he killed his wife and wants to die. He thinks how to convince Ram. Suraj comes and asks how is his practice going. Arav says his musician client does not want to fight. Suraj asks his name. Ayaan is about to tell Ram’s name when cook brings gajar halwa. Suraj says he was just joking, tastes it and says it is just like Anu’s taste. He asks Ayan to taste, but he packs some and says he will have it in office.

Ayaan reaches jail and meets Ram who is still adamant. He tells him fake story of determination and offers him gajar halwa. Ram reminisces Anu preparing halwa for him and tastes it. He asks who made it. He says someone gave it to his dad and says they both have a connection, earlier he liked his music and now his halwa. He asks if someone used to prepare halwa for him. Ram walks out. Ayaan thinks this man is hard like coconut, he will have to find out about him from someone.

Disha sees Arav holding Ram’s pic and asks why did he take it when she told him 1000 times that she does not like Ram. He says he is missing Ram and asks if he can fix his pic next to mama/Anu’s. She says never and asks him not to argue. He insists. She shouts and asks him to understand her words. Arav gets sad and tells Anu’s pic that nobody listens to him. Earlier she left him and now papa and didi always shouts at him, nobody loves him. Disha says she loves him. He says if she loves him, then why is she stopping him to fix dad’s pic. She says she will and asks him not to tell that she does not love him. He hugs her happily.

Precap: Ayaan meets Ram’s neighour who informs that Ram’s wife is Kapoor’s daughter. Kapoor sees Ram’s pic next to Anu’s and throws it. Pic falls in front of Ayaan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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