Dil Ibadat Kar Raha Hai (VANI)- Introduction.

Hello friends, I have decided to start a fan fiction on Naagin5  characters as well. I am very exited for this. I am sure I will get your support. This is just a small introduction to the main story.

Episode starts with….

A lady comes to a room and finds it totally dark. She searches for the switches to on the lights. She eventually finds it and switches on the lights. Her eyes roam around the room to find someone. She finds someone sitting beside the bed on the floor and goes to him. She holds her tears and says “Beta, why do you always stay alone? When will you forget the past and move on? When will you start living your life again? I can’t see you like this. It’s been three years since that incident but you are still living with those thoughts.”  That person didn’t even respond anything to her words. That lady then says “Veer, if you will not listen to me this time then I will die.” With the completion of her words the person stood up in shock. He slightly says “Maa, why are you talking like this? I don’t want to lose another person in my life. I am unable to make a new start of my life as I can’t get rid of my past memories. You know about it but you still force me into doing things. Fine, I will do whatever you say. Tell me what to do.” The lady holds his hand and says “You should get married.”  Veer takes his hand back in shock.

PRECAP: Veer says ” I will get married.” He meets a girl.

So Buddies, I want you all to share your thoughts with me. I will promise you all to keep entertaining with my works

  1. Shesha485

    Wow, The first Naagin 5 FF is yours.So lovely…. I wonder Veer had a breakup in past. It seems something like that. I hope all the characters of Naagin 5 is present in this story also. All the best and excited for the next episode

  2. Naira U Singh

    Hey now you’re writing about naagin after immj2 i’m sure it would be interesting and fantastic like arranged marriage with love. Looking forward to read it and this episode was 👌👌

  3. Jasminerahul

    i am happy that you are writing a normal vani ff as most of the vani ffs are naagin ffs.what’s veer’s past?his mom wants him to move on.nice.which actress plays his mother in this ff?

  4. I’m too very happy

  5. DI…….I know you’re gonna rock, eagerly waiting………….
    with 💞your chutki

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