The best moments and memories are always that happened in the past , because past is the only constant thing in every relationship , present is what we live and future remains doubtful !!!!

Kunj was working in his cabin and was restless , he badly wanted to talk to twinkle and clear few things but she wasn’t giving him any heed and this was just freking him out , that’s when he heard a knock on his door and asked the person to come in !!!

The person entered the cabin and it was non other than Twinkle , kunj looked up to see her staring at him , he smiled at her and asked her –

“” Yes twinkle say , what are you here for ?? “”

Twinkle looked at him and said “” woh actually i am here to give you this files , they need your signature urgently !!”‘

Kunj looked at her and took the file and signed them , twinkle was about to go out but she dashed with the chair and fell on Kunj !!!

They were so lost in each other that they forgot there surrounding and went in a flashback !!!


Twinkle is see working in kitchen , she is REALLY engrossed in her work , thats when kunj kunj silently went behind her and back hugged her , for a moment she got scared but smiled realising who it was and kept her head on his chest staying in the same position ,and continued her work , but something striked kunj and he gave up a naughty grin and moved her hairs to other side and started nuzzling his face in the crock of her neck kissing her making her gasp , he placed several wet kisses and bit the spot and sucked it to sooth her pain giving her a perfect love bite whereas twinkle moan in pleasure, they forgot there work and got lost in each other , he did the same thing to her few more times and by the time twinkle was panting heavenly !!!

Not able to take his torture more she turned around and hugged him ,he hugged her back ,theg stayed like this for a moment and then he broke the hug and made her face him , he came close to her and looked at her lips , she understood his intentions and parted her lips , soon there lips met and the kissed each other , first the kiss was gentle and slow but kunj pulled her more closer to him by her waist and she pulle dhim from his neck , they deepend the kiss , sucking biting and nibbling on each other’s lips ,soon after good 10 minutes they broke the kiss breathing heavenly !!!

Twinkle was all blushing and was looking everywhere but him ,, she was gazing down fidgeting with her finger ,, kunj looked at her and whispered –

“” You still blush in the same manner as if its the first time we did this , she blushed harder listening him and was about to go but he held her hands and pulled her closer and she crushed his chest and he kissed her forehead !!!!


They were still in each other’s embrace remembering there old goods days when Twinkle’s phone beeped flashing KARAN’S name !!!!!

They composed themselves and twinkle picked up the call whereas kunj was furious who karan is , and why twinkle is talking with him for so long !!!!

That’s it for now !!!

I hope you are enjoying it !!

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  1. Awsm
    Loved it
    Nice flashback
    Waiting for next one

  2. Oh it was awesome!!
    Loved it.
    Waiting for the next one

  3. Omg the flashback….❤️❤️❤️???
    Just a request can u write a bit longer episodes

    1. Presha

      Tysm !!!
      I am trying to write longer episode but the problem is i am stuck in some work!!

      And i promise for regular updates but plz pardon me if they are short !!

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