Episode 4

Life is just likes ROSES ,
its Beautiful but in its original form just likes the flower when its attached with its plant , it has thrones in it just like the hurdles of life , it hurts when the thrones pricks just like life which sucks when uh don’t have your loves with you !!!!!


i just met her , my love , my life after long 5 years , she didn’t changed a bit ,she is just like my old Twinkle but one thing changed that’s her feeling for me , first she used to love me the most and now she hates me the most !!!

Bit i can’t believe she was in front of me , so close to me , but what did i do i once again hurted her , and this time by my words , i just said so much to her not realising what will she feel !!!
God , i just once again f**k*d up things !!

Plz help me god plz !!!!


Twinkle reached her house only to be greeted by Karan , Advik and Arin !!

Karan was surprised seeing her so early as she has said she will be late today , he asked her the same but she replied nothing and left for her room !!!

Karan felt her behaviour strange but left the thought and went to the kids and played with them ,, twinkle came back after freshing up and prepared the dinner and they had there dinner in complete SILENCE !!!

Little did they knew this SILENCE is the SILENCE before the arrival of the STROM !!!

Like this days passed, Kunj tried hard talking to Twinkle but she just ignored him , she tried hard not to come infront of him and she kind of succeeded also on the other hand kunj was frustrated of her ignorance it was getting high for him and now he decided to get her back in his life by hook or by crook !!!!

Thats it !!

Hope uh like it !!!

The past is gonna reveal soon with a bit of TWINJ’s steamy romance !!!

Take care !!

Love uh❤️

  1. Awesome.
    Waiting for the next part

  2. Itna sa bs ??
    Story is really good ?? but plzz post a little longer. Start hote hi khtam ho jata h ?
    Post soon

    1. Presha

      Sorry for the short epi
      Didnt realise its way to short!!

  3. Hey presha…..
    U was waiting for the episode….
    Hope you will write more frequently,??

    1. Presha

      Yeah i will

  4. nice but it wass short
    will be waiting for next

    1. Presha

      Tq didnt realise that i wrote it this short!

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