Dil Hi Toh Hai 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Someone is keeping tabs on Palak

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Palak gets Setu’s call. She tells her she is on her way. I will tell you then. She remembers what Ritvik had a while ago.

Setu hugs Palak. Thank you so much! I was about to talk to Papa. Palak says it isn’t needed. I spoke to Ananya. She said everything is fine. Setu wants to talk to Rohit and ask him about it but Palak reasons that he dint wish to bother her. setu calls him too sweet. I don’t want to lose him ever. Palak says I also don’t want it to happen. You get real love after lots of difficulty. Setu asks her what’s wrong. Palak dismisses it. You made me travel everywhere. I will look tired. Setu hugs her excitedly. It is my sangeet ceremony tomorrow. Palak calls her mad.

Rohit tells his parents that IT guys got him tired. I will drop a message to Setu too. Mr. Puri tells him to rest. It is your sangeet ceremony tomorrow. Rohit finds his mother pouring a drink for herself and teases her about it. He goes to his room. Mrs. Puri and Mr. Puri clank their glasses. Mr. Puri tells her to drink and relax. Tomorrow will be a memorable day.

Next morning, Palak is thinking about what had happened in Meerut. Gayatri asks about Setu. She notices Palak lost in thoughts. Palak asks her why women are so stupid. Why aren’t we like men? They walk away from stuff and it doesn’t really matter to them while women are stuck on the same thing for forever. they keep crying over the same thing again and again. Gayatri tells her it isn’t the truth. Women cry and are able to relieve themselves of their pain but men hide their true feelings. We are luckier in this matter.

Palak’s father reminds his wife that she vowed to do a wedding for free if she is able to complete one wedding. She laughs. You remember such things so correctly. I wont charge for Setu and Rohit’s wedding but I will take a hefty amount for Ritvik and Ananya’s wedding. Manjeet ji asks Palak if she has asked Ritvik which is his favourite flower. She shouts on her mother and closes her room’s door behind her. Mamta and Aman come in just then. Gayatri leaves so she can pick Setu from parlour. Aman asks for Palak. Manjeet ji asks servant to bring tea and snacks. Mamta thanks her for managing the event at the last minute. Ritvik’s wedding is very important. It will be very amazing. Palak also gave an idea yesterday. Aman tries to divert the topic but Mamta keeps talking about it. Manjeet ji is confused. Mamta sends Aman outside to get her phone. Hope Palak comes out of her room and manages the situation.

Manjeet ji says Palak shows as if she does not care about my work but she keeps helping me on and off. She goes to call Palak outside. You dint tell me that you went to Noon House yester night. Palak joins Mamta. She asks her about her idea. Palak says I dint come for sangeet. Mamta says there might be some confusion. I want to do something special for Ritvik. Palak says he would have been already touched if he knew how much efforts you are making to make it so special for him. This is what he wanted since his childhood – a mother’s love. Mamta asks her if Ritvik ever told her anything about his past. Manjeet ji looks at them in confusion. Palak covers up saying that he loves his family very much. A mother and son’s bond is very special. I was hinting at showing that only. We can show when he got you as his mother and take it from there. Now Ananya will become a part of his life too. He speaks of his Papa usually but I know you are the real anchor. He is because of you. Mamta asks her how to make it special for him then. Palak says there is an idea.

Ananya and Ritvik are in the car. She is talking about her lehenga while he is thinking about his kiss with Palak. Rohit is talking about his IT work. We have to go somewhere else first. Ritvik asks him about it but he does not tell her. Ananya asks the men to drop her home first. I have to get ready. Rohit teases her. You look the same with or without makeup. She says it isn’t funny. She asks Ritvik but he is too lost.

Mamta tells Aman that Palak knew about Ritvik’s mom. Mamta confronts Aman. Palak knows that Ritvik’s mother left him. Who told her this? Did Ritvik tell her? If yes then I want to know how close Ritvik and Palak are. He says I really don’t know what the truth is. She demands to know if they are just friends or something else. Aman suggests her to ask Ritvik itself. Mamta tells him not to lie. Will I have to talk to Ritvik now? Palak has overheard everything and intervenes. I came to your house last night for Setu’s sake. She tells her everything. Mamta says you could have told me everything honestly then. Aman says I dint want to worry you so I cooked up an excuse. Mamta falls for it. I love the idea proposed by Palak. Will you help me execute it? Palak assures her it will happen easily. Just think about your love for Ritvik and it will be executed in that same manner. Mamta says how sweet and goes. Manjeet ji tells Palak to check the card designs.

Palak comes home and finds her laptop in the wrong location. I dint keep it here. Someone peeks at her. She too feels it and goes to check but there is no one. She tells herself to stop over thinking.

Noon family is busy in the wedding preps. Rishabh has severe back pain but he refuses to rest. I will take painkillers but I wont miss the fun in Ritvik’s wedding for anything. Saanchi smiles.

Ritvik asks Rohit why he brought him to Setu’s house. You should have met her yourself. Rohit says
She hasn’t picked my phone since morning. You also have nothing to do. Setu hasn’t picked my phone since morning. He takes him inside. Palak is helping with the preps. She greets them both awkwardly. Mahendra is surprised to see Rohit. Rohit tells him everything honestly. Mahendra takes him inside while he leaves Ritvik with Palak.

Palak asks Ritvik if he will have tea, coffee or cold drink. He declines so she offers him sweets. It is you and my best friend’s wedding after all. He accepts it. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays in the background. She asks him about Rohit’s IT problem. Ritvik says I feel it is taken care of. He might have to go to office twice or thrice but it isn’t much. She nods relieved. She is checking the preps.

Manjeet ji does not let Rohit meet Setu. Meet her on the ceremony. Give her a nice gift. Rohit looks at Mahendra but he tells him to handle the ladies herself. Gayatri also teases him and does not let him meet Setu. He very sweetly requests to let him meet his would be wife but Manjeet ji again advises him to meet her in the ceremony. Rohit gives up. Manjeet ji and Setu’s parents smile. The guy is very good. He agreed with us!

Palak is looking for her phone. Ritvik asks her why she dint go yet. She says I am about to leave. She resumes her work. Ritvik asks Palak why she is so upset since then, since the kiss. You should be happy and relaxed if it doesn’t matter so much to you. You are behaving strangely. She replies that she too can ask him the same thing. You too are behaving strangely. He says I asked first. She accepts she is upset over whatever happened. I dint want it to happen. I am also happy as it is my best friend’s wedding. I wanted to know which song I can dance on. It is your and also Setu’s wedding. Any suggestion? He says something and walks away. Someone is keeping an eye on Palak. Palak finds her phone on the table. It wasn’t here 2 minutes ago. She feels something strange again and looks out of the window but in vain. She puts her phone on charging.

Precap: Mamta dances for Ritvik. Palak and Ritvik are all smiles. Mamta tells Ritvik that she is happy. It was entirely Palak’s idea. I am so glad. Ritvik looks at Palak. She too looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Palak totally nailed the episode

  2. Iss week kuch nahi hone wali Hai it is better to skip this week I will watch next week only……Palak Rithwik heart breaking mujhse nahi hoga dekhna……I really feel sad why they are keeping distance silence when they feel for each other…….And ye Naya siyyappa Kya Hai koun hai palak phone laptop ko misuse kar rahi hai……

    1. I think it’s aarohi

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