Dil Hi Toh Hai 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update

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Manjeet ji and her husband are discussing about what Palak is getting into. VP asks her what they should do then. You were the one who went to break the agreement! Palak’s father tells him to be careful of what he says. We too are respectful people. Rishabh taunts them on that. Manjeet ji says you came determined to show us down. Is this how you ask for someone’s hand? VP rebukes her for going to a lawyer. You were not happy with the agreement and want to break it but not the wedding! My son and wife are very simple and innocent. I should have done what I have been doing with people like you! I should have just thrown money on your face. Mamta tries to calm VP but in vain. VP refuses to let this alliance happen. Rishabh says you would have understood it now. Manjeet ji nods and walks away with her husband. Manjeet ji and her husband are happy that their daughter is saved.

Saanchi says you were right. Manjeet ji and Palak are after our money. I have understood it now that it is true. This relation shouldn’t happen. Rishabh says now everyone will see that I was right. I can make right decisions too and it isn’t just Ritvik who is always right. It is time to get out of his shadow.

Ritvik asks Rishabh about his father and gets to know that he is outside. Ritvik heads outside followed by Rishabh. Saanchi tells Reeva she was right. These ladies are still playing games and wont ever change! Reeva asks her what happened now.

Ritvik tries to talk to his father who gets angry. That lady and her daughter are the same. They are money mongers. Ritvik tells his father that the agreement is wrong. VP shouts that the agreement cannot be wrong. It is for your safety only. I don’t want you to get hurt. Palak is just like your mother. She too will leave us like your mother. Don’t do this. Forget her! She will also cheat you and leave you alone! VP hugs him. Come with me. Ritvik looks at him helplessly. I have to stay. Mamta offers to stay with Ritvik but Rishabh suggests staying back instead. Dad is recalling his past. He needs you. I am here for my brother. Mamta tells him to manage it here and goes to VP.

Reeva, Saanchi and a few ladies are gossiping about Palak and Manjeet ji. Manjeet ji’s husband asks his wife about Palak. A lady walks up to Gayatri and tells everything to her. Gayatri walks up to Manjeet ji and her husband. Saanchi and Reeva are talking badly about you guys to everyone.

Reeva and Saanchi talk about the agreement before the ladies. Manjeet ji says it wont be needed as the wedding wont happen. Saanchi says you should ask your daughter. She is dreaming of marrying Ritvik. Palak’s father says we know our daughter. She wont do anything wrong.

Gayatri asks Palak to go downstairs. Your mother is having an argument with Saanchi and Reeva. Palak rushes downstairs.

Reeva and Saanchi argue with Palak’s parents. Mrs. Puri is worried that there might be another problem. Mr. Puri offers to tackle it.

Palak gives a fitting reply to Reeva and scolds her for speaking badly to an old woman. Manjeet ji also scolds Saanchi for not knowing what she is up to. You don’t know who you are supporting. Saanchi tells her to stop. I was wrong as I tried to help you.

Ananya and Rohit hear this agreement too but are unable to go and see what’s happening.

Reeva talks rudely to Palak’s mother too. Palak warns her to be mindful of how to speak to elders. Reeva shouts before everyone that Palak signed the contract but then realised she wont get any money. This girl standing right here is a gold digger! Palak slaps her. Ritvik sees it. Palak tells Reeva to stop. I wont listen to another word against my parents now! I will tear that agreement. Ritvik is furious with Palak as she slapped Reeva. You slapped the girl who wasn’t shouted upon even by her father! Palak says she was misbehaving with her parents. How could she talk to my parents like that? He looks at her. I am sure it will be your mother would have planted another stupid idea in your head but whatever it was how dare you hit my sister? Either your mom does all this intentionally or she is really stupid! She tells him to mind his language but he does not stop. Your family insults my family every time! She says it is your family who always insults my mom. He demands to know what was the reason that prompted her to slap his sister. It must be that because of that agreement right! She asks him what if Reeva is asked to sign a similar kind of agreement when she is about to get married. He looks upset. She tells him not everyone is after his money as he and his family thinks. He says Dad is right. I got trapped at the wrong place. She challenges him to break this relation then. Don’t marry me if you don’t want to. I am saying it! Let’s finish this right here! Rishabh smiles. Reeva is happy too. This is what should happen. We will get rid of her finally! She warns the guests to be careful of Palak and her family. They will trap your kids if you will invite them over. Manjeet ji asks Palak if she saw the reality finally. Mrs. Puri asks them to leave. Sad song plays in the background. Manjeet ji walks out from the venue holding Palak’s hand. Ritvik just looks on.

Mr. Puri asks the guests to focus their attention back on the wedding. Rohit and Setu take pheras. Rishabh tells Ritvik not to worry. I am with you.

Palak and her parents are in the car.

Ritvik walks away sadly. Shivam and Aman hug him as he wipes his tears.

Palak thinks of her argument with Ritvik in the party. Her father gives her water. Cry and then you will feel better. She tells him she isn’t that weak. Manjeet ji is talking to someone on phone. Her husband wonders what his wife will do now. Palak says we cannot say anything to her. She does everything for our good only.

Mamta comes to Ritvik’s room. Shivam and Shanaya come there with pillows. We will sleep with Bhai tonight. Dadi also comes there. We will all sleep here. Ritvik says sorry to them.

Manjeet ji is still trying to talk to someone. Her husband asks her what she is doing. She replies that they will now give a fitting reply to those who insulted them!

Next morning, Palak’s father says I know it wont be easy to forget Ritvik. Palak replies that that isn’t the issue. I couldn’t attend my best friend’s wedding. I want to apologize to her. Setu comes there with Rohit just then. Palak and her father go inside to bring snacks. Setu tells Rohit that she feels they should clear all the misunderstandings between Ritvik and Palak somehow. They brought us together and now we should try to unite them.

Palak’s words are still haunting Ritvik.

Precap: Manjeet ji tells Noon family that she has fixed Palak’s alliance in a family which is much richer than you. I will get her married within the next 7 days! Do come. Saying so, she walks away. Ritvik is shattered.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Yvonne Codner

    OMG, what an episode…If I did not see it, I would not have believed that so many emotions could explode in one place. Palak served Reeva a b*t*h slap that she will not forget soon. It was well deserved, Saanchi should get one too for double-crossing you and your Mom and let’s not talk about Rishbat who also double-crossed his dad and brother with Puri’s help…Ritwik and his Dad will know the errors of their ways soon. Never mind Palak…What do you really see in Ritwik?…he does not deserve you!

  2. Reeva really deserved that slap.Palak could have given two more.

  3. Precap dekh k
    I m so happy achcha kiya manjeet aunty ne
    Ye ritwik nd uski family apne aap ko smjhe kya hain
    4 paisa kama nhi liya sochtey hain
    Sab naukar hain in k
    Palak ne barabr sunaya sabko nd ritwik
    I m so happy
    Achcha hua khudi rishta muh pe maar diya ritwik k kamina kahin ka
    Bht badi badi fekra tha
    Ki I m always stand for u for ur self respect etc.
    Zara sa misunderstanding hua nhi apni asliyat dikha diya
    I think palak deserve much better than him

  4. Shaziya parween

    Ok guys but ritvik still love Palak wo aisa nhi hone dega Palak ko Kisi or k sath Shaadi t blkl v krne nhi dega I hope plz ise dekhna bnd mt krna sb

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