Dil Hi Toh Hai 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik has a missed encounter with Gita

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The Episode starts with Gita telling Aman’s mum that she has always helped her since she left Vijay. She says you would have left supporting me. Aman’s mum says Rishabh is very much involved in getting a job for Rithvik. Vikrant calls Gita and asks her to come to office for a meeting with a client. He says there won’t be much people so come. She says ok. Rithvik comes to the kitchen and holds Manjeet thinking her to be Palak. Manjeet says she came to cook food for him. She says light is dim and asks him to change the bulb. He asks can I call you mum? She says yes. Manjeet tells Rithvik that she has to go for her marriage planning work. She says the groom’s family is very rich. They tease each other. Rithvik apologizes. He asks her to stop till dinner. She says she will come later. Rithvik

says ok. Palak calls Rithvik and tells that she will come late. Rithvik says mom came and made food for them. He hears someone asking Palak to come to conference room.

He comes to Palak’s office and gives kadi chawal to watchman asking him to give to Palak. Gita comes there wearing hoodie and calls Vikrant. Vikrant asks her to come to conference hall. Rithvik sees her and calls Security, says the hoodie guy must be a thief. Gita reaches the conference hall. Vikrant says I will be there in 3 mins. She says she saw the balance sheet and it is not convincing. Vikrant says I don’t know what you are seeing, I will send Palak there. Rithvik enters the office worrying about Palak and reaches the conference hall. He sees Gita checking files and comes to the conference hall. She asks who is he? Rithvik says your father…Rithvik Noon. He says I came to meet my wife, but….He tries to hold her. Gita runs and escapes. He gets reminded of his mum who used to run with same speed. Rithvik runs behind her and recalls her words. She runs and falls on sofa. Rithvik sees her falling and says Maa. He don’t see her face. She sees blood coming out from her head and gets up. Rithvik still runs behind her. He says where you will go now seeing the window. She jumps off from the window. Rithvik gets shocked. Palak asks who was he/she? Rithvik says may be some thief? I came to surprise you and saw strange persons. Watchman comes there. Vikrant also comes and asks what happened? Rithvik says somebody….Vikrant says I have a very common face. Palak introduces them. Vikrant thinks I will get beaten by big daddy.

Palak and Rithvik are at home. Rithvik says when I was running behind him/her, it was strange. Palak says you surprised everyone in the office. She says lets make you young. He asks her to call his girlfriends to make him feel young. Palak throws spoon on him. Rithvik says who throws spoon. Palak says I. She asks him not to joke next time. He holds her and makes her sit on his lap. He says he had an interesting past and she grew up just like that. She asks him to freshen up. Rishabh plans with Utsav how to insult Rithvik.

Gita scolds Vikrant and says how did Rithvik come there? Vikrant says for Palak. Gita says I don’t want to see him. Vikrant says then why you are doing this. She says time haven’t come for me to come infront of her. Manjeet tells Setu that she wants to give mixer, roti maker etc to Palak, but don’t want Rithvik to feel bad. She asks Setu to tell some about idea. Setu gets Palak’s call and she asks her to come and help her to plan Rithvik’s birthday. Rithvik comes to Utsav’s office. Utsav introduces him to his colleagues. Rithvik thanks him. Utsav says I know you came here for time pass and talks about Palak. He says you got a wife of your type and says your wife also gets promotion by wrong means. Rithvik gets angry and says my wife got promotion as my boss’s mom liked her. Utsav says your wife will go a long way. Rithvik gets angry and beats Utsav. He asks him not to badmouth about palak again.

span style=’color: #ff00ff;’>Precap:
Palak asks Rithvik why did he beat his boss and why did he leave his job. Rithvik says he was talking wrong things. Palak tells Gita that her husband is a great guy and his mum left him with a big wound. Gita asks what wound she gave and how much he hates her. Palak looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys this serial is coming to an end… telly buzz says so… feeling very bad for it… loved this serial very much

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