Dil Hi Toh Hai 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sethu foils Rithvik’s conspiracy to get Palak’s sign

Dil Hi Toh Hai 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sethu and Palak talk to each other in the restaurant. Rithvik convinces a Chinese chef in the restaurant and asks for a favor. He asks Rohit to take her to watch film. Rohit gets an idea to make Sethu jealous. Samar meets his girl friend and asks her to trust him. Reva calls him and tells Mamta. Mamta asks her to tell about her friends as she is making list. Rithvik thinks Dr. Palak you are going to do dinner in office. Rohit makes Sethu jealous as he romance with the chef girl. Sethu goes out. Rohit tells Rithvik, she is jealous and goes out. Sethu scolds him and tells that the woman is married and says she was married before and how it feels when a life partner cheats on you. He says he was just taking her out for movie and then tells Chinese term.

Sethu tells that it means you are making

love to her. Rohit is surprised. Sethu goes. Rithvik smiles seeing Palak getting inebriated after eating the spiked food. He takes her out. Palak thinks of him as bill gates and says she is his big fan. He tells that Rithvik noon has fired many and 50 of his employees have signed on the papers against him. He asks her to sign. Palak asks for a selfie. He clicks selfie with her in her mobile. Sethu hears assistant talking about Rithvik taking Palak’s signature by cheat. She comes to Rithvik and asks about papers. Rithvik asks her to take Palak to house. Sethu asks him to give papers and jumps and sits on his back. She takes papers from his hand. Rithvik takes Papers back. She asks for papers. Rohit takes papers from Rithvik’s hand and gives to Sethu. Sethu tears it. Rohit asks why did you tear it? Sethu warns Sethu to stay away from her friend. They leave. Rithvik says Palak has to return to his office anyhow.

Sethu takes Palak to her house. Palak’s dad gives her father’s call. Reva asks Mamta to get jewellery for her clothes and says she is confused which color to wear. Rishabh’s wife doubts him to have an affair. Rishabh clears that Rithvik had wear his clothes. Mamta supports him. Aman looks at Rewa. His mum and the servant of the house ask him not to think about impossible thing. Rithvik shows the photos to everyone and they talk about the moments behind it. They all are happy. Samar comes there to talk to Rewa, but she goes with Rishabh’s wife to talk.

People doing bhangra is shown in the medical camp. Aman asks Rithvik why did they come here? Rithvik acts as getting unwell and says Palak gave him wrong medicine.

Precap: Rithvik talks to Palak. Someone tells that he is unwell. Rithvik faints. Palak holds him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. thankfully what i expected did not happen , he could not make her work in his company again , i am happy that atleast the girl is shown strong here . palak-ritwik conversation was so funny and cute . waiting for todays episode

  2. thanks

  3. Can anyone tell who is playing the character of reeva noon ?

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