Dil Hi Toh Hai 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: VP and Gita come face to face!

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Ritwik is surprised seeing Palak. She asks him why he lied to her. He’s in mood to joke. He asks her to marry if he dies. She asks him to shut up saying she won’t let anything happen to him. He recalls seeing Gita after his accident. He tries to share that with Palak, but she doesn’t understand fully. Shiv enters and tells them to be thankful to him for getting Palak inside. Palak asks him to call Mamta. After he leaves, Ritwik tells Palak about seeing Gita. She’s shocked. She thinks this is what she didn’t want to happen. She tells him that’s not possible.

Outside, Shiv can’t find Mamta. Rishabh was going in the room as he felt he heard Palak’s voice. Shiv tries to stop him, but fails. Rishabh comes inside and doesn’t see Palak as she

hides. Shiv confuses Rishabh in his talks and manages to get him out of the room. Palak comes out and Ritwik is unconscious now. Shiv goes out and calls everyone. Doctor says they will need to move him to operation room. Rishabh is shocked and angry seeing Palak. He goes outside and tells Mamta and VP that Ritwik was all good before Palak entered his room.

Doctor informs family that they are out of blood and it’s very rare blood group. VP says his blood group only matches with Gita. Palak hears it. She leaves to go to her.

Other hand, Taari informs Vikrant that Ritwik has become serious again and he needs blood. Gita says her blood matches with him. Palak comes and requests her to give him blood.

Gita is in hospital room with Palak. She donates her blood. Other hand, Aman tells VP that blood has been arranged and it’s on the way.

Rohit is disappointed with Setu as she didn’t share about Gita with him. She says even Ritwik doesn’t know it.

VP is angry at Palak and blames her for everything. He says he won’t let her shadow come on Ritwik and goes to find her. Rishabh smiles. Mamta goes behind VP.

Palak takes blood and goes out. VP and Mamta enter and are shocked to see Gita. VP recalls his dark past. Gita says she came to save her son. VP asks “your son”? She says, yes who is in critical condition because of him. VP reminds how she left him when he was a kid. She says she left him because she was helpless and what he did? Punished for falling in love? doing 1 thing that he did by going against him? He asks her to leave. She says he needs her, her blood. She left because she didn’t have any choice and she thought he would raise him better than her, but what he did? Filled so much negativity inside him and when love came in his life, he left him homeless. He even insulted his wife. Mamta says it’s not time to argue and asks VP to leave from there. VP tells Gita that he just wanted to teach Ritwik that if he doesn’t have money, then Palak will leave him, just like Gita left him.

Precap: Palak is sleeping beside Ritwik. Gita comes to see him and then leaves. Palak notices it. Later, she asks Gita that she had left Ritwik, then why has she come back now? Gita asks her will she able to hear it?

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Agr aapko y show audience ko dikhana hi nhi h to bana kyon rahe Ho. Na hi to is show ko online dekh skte h or na hi tv pr.plz make possible to watch Dil hi to h, either online or on television.

    1. You can watch on altbalaji app. After downloading that.. otherwise u can watch it on http://www.gillitv …..

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