Dil Hi Toh Hai 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritvik and Palak fight over the agreement

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Prashant comes to Noon House and tells them that Manjeet ji came to his office. She spoke of the clauses and actually wanted to nullify the agreement. VP is upset. Why did Palak sign the agreement when her mother wants to break it? Rishabh says daughter does something else and mother is doing something else. I told you they aren’t right for our family. Prashant tells VP there is some problem in his agreement too. Rishabh takes him aside.

Prashant asks Mr. Puri what’s going on. Investigators are after the girl. This isn’t right. Is there some problem? Rishabh accepts that he added those clauses to protect Ritvik and their family. We know how Dad will react after knowing this. Prashant agrees to keep quiet. What if Manjeet ji tells him? Mr. Puri knows it isn’t going to happen. No one trusts her anyway. Prashant goes aside to attend a call. Mr. Puri is happy that everything will be fixed by tonight.

Manjeet ji asks Palak if she read the agreement before signing. Does Ritvik know what all is written? Palak shakes her head. Manjeet ji tells her all the conditions. What kind of a wedding is this where there is no trust or

VP says I will talk to him first. Rishabh tells him to let him do that first. Dadi asks everyone to go. Noon family leaves. Mamta follows VP.

VP tells Ritvik that he has made a good joke of him. What game is the mother-daughter duo playing? Mamta tries to tell him to talk calmly but VP tells her to let him talk. VP shouts at Ritvik. Daughter
Ritvik reasons that they just wanted to see if Palak signs it or not and she did it. Manjeet ji must be concerned for her daughter. This is wrong anyways and we know that. VP misunderstands him for supporting Palak and Manjeet already. Ritvik requests him to meet Palak once but VP refuses. I have met Manjeet ji and that is enough. Once bitten, twice shy! I wont let Ritvik marry Palak! He walks away in a huff. Mamta tells Ritvik she is tired. You guys got hurt in life and every woman of the world became a cheater for both of you. All my efforts went down the drain. How to get this poison out of your and VP’s mind! He tells her not to say that. This has nothing to do with Dad. She leaves upset.

Rohit and Setu exchange Varmala’s. Manjeet ji murmurs that she does not wish to even see that family. Palak requests her to let Ritvik talk to his family once. Don’t aggravate the matter. Mrs. Puri asks Ananya to call Noon’s.

Palak’s father tells Palak not to think so much. You still wish to marry that guy after all that happened? You aren’t that weak to choose such a guy for yourself? What kind of respect he has for you? He asked you to sign the pre-nup agreement. We don’t know what else would be on his mind. Noon family reaches the venue. Palak asks her father to talk to Ritvik once.

Palak asks Shanaya about Ritvik.

Rohit dances with Setu and her parents. Puri’s also join them.

Rishabh again murmurs something in Saanchi’s ears. Ananya takes Palak with her to fix her saree.

Shivam teases Ritvik who asks about Palak. Shivam tells her that she went upstairs.

Mamta tells VP to be nice. VP tells her to leave him alone. My temper is high anyways.

Ananya notices that the thread of Palak’s blouse is open. She is about to tie it when Ritvik comes there. She leaves them alone. Ritvik ties the thread of Palak’s blouse. She asks him if he can love but not trust her. He asks her the same question. She says Mom Dad are right. I will have to prove myself every second if I marry you. He asks her why her mother went to the lawyer to nullify the agreement. Dad got is ready for some reason. Your mother did something again without thinking and we are now in a mess! It’s entirely her fault. She always does something like that and messes things. She refuses to let him blame his mother anymore. She was concerned for me because of the conditions in the agreement. She was concerned about me, my dignity. Do you have any idea what questions are posed in that agreement against my character? Did you even read it? I signed it without even reading it. I trusted you. Marriage was for both of us. Now lawyer is telling me about the conditions written in the agreement. He shouts that it is just a formality. I will tear it. This is all your mother’s teaching. She would have taught all this to you and sent you here on purpose! Am I right? Ananya comes to take Palak downstairs with her. Palak tells her to let her talk to Ritvik first but Ananya refuses. You both can talk to each other the rest of your lives. Give Ritvik some time to calm down and he actually needs to chill. She takes Palak with her.

Aman announces Ananya and Palak’s dance. VP turns to leave as he does not wish to even see Palak’s face but Mamta stops him. Manjeet ji is unhappy seeing his reaction. VP walks out of the party.

Mrs. Puri asks Ananya if she will dance with the girl who ruined her life. Ananya reasons that no one’s life has been ruined. Everyone is happy where they are. Mrs. Puri insists that Palak snatched Ritvik from her but Ananya declines. No one snatched anyone from anyone. Ritvik and Palak love each other. I am the third woman here. I don’t want to come between them. I have this much self-respect. She takes the mike from Aman and gives a detailed positive intro of Palak (her importance in Setu’s life and in Ritvik’s life).

Ananya and Palak dance on multiple songs. Palak seems too lost. Ritvik and Palak glance in each other’s direction on and off. The girls hold hand around the end and take rounds. Ananya pulls Setu and Rohit in the end too.

Mamta tries to stop VP. Rishabh keeps filling VP’s ears against Palak. Manjeet ji and her husband are discussing about what Palak is geting into. VP asks her what they should do then. You were the one who went to break the agreement!

Precap: Ritvik tells his father that the agreement is wrong. VP shouts that the agreement cannot be wrong. It is for your safety only. Why don’t you understand that she is just like your mother? She will also cheat you and leave you alone! Ritvik looks at him helplessly.

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  1. And the real pEkta is revealed…in as easy as 52 episodes she have already destroyed and innocent love story and give vamps more power….we have another kumkum and kundali on our hands

  2. It’s so typical ekta kapoor serial. All her serials are like kasauti zindagi kii only back ground of families is different. So many confusion. And I m sure mamata will also be involved in this entire mess. It was a beautiful story ruined badly

  3. Minna Chandran

    Yes I agree was watching it nice story but gave up today now as always villain and vamp rule the story no point watching it will go the Ekta way

  4. Do you think Manjeet character has been replaced by a new actor?

    1. Yes they change her still rather the person before

  5. seriously!! Ekta kapoor…!!!! always same… please bring change… everytime detroy love couple in every serial is not healthy…. And disappointing the audience….change is always good rather than always do same thing again and again..

  6. seriously!! Ekta kapoor…!!!! always same… please bring change… everytime detroy love couple in every serial is not healthy…. And disappointing the audience….change is always good rather than always do same thing again and again..

  7. I have watched this show from the beginning, but I am very disappointed in the direction it is going. The lead pair would go their own way.

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