Dil Hi Toh Hai 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik and Palak’s relation get more stronger

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The Episode starts with Vikrant telling Palak that her boss likes her a lot, and I call her big daddy. She is my mum and she tells that one needs to be a father to become a mother. He says there is she? He tells that mom is very impressed with you when you fought with Noons for the right. He says mom doesn’t meet many people and that’s why we didn’t call your husband. Gita comes and tells that money is everything. Palak says she needs to make a call. She calls Setu and tells her that Vikrant made her meet his mum. He told that she is impressed with her and wanted to meet her. She asks Setu to go home and tells that they are not bad people. Gita says they shall go for dinner. Palak looks on. Rithvik calls Palak and thinks where is she? Rishabh tells his employee that they shall go inside.

Just then Vikrant comes out with Palak and says his car will drop her. Rishabh takes their pics and sends to VP. He calls VP and says your bahu is with someone at 2 am in the night as Ricky doesn’t have anything. He asks him to send those pics to Rithvik. VP sends the photos hard copy to Rithvik. Rithvik is shocked to see the pics and recalls VP’s words. Palak comes home and asks Rithvik what happened?

Rithvik gets up and says you broke my trust. Palak says what are you saying? She says she went for office work. Rithvik says where did you go and breaks the glass. He holds her shoulder and says I know where you went and with whom, and what you were doing? Palak says let me explain. Rithvik says I told you not to break my trust. He says when you were getting ready for your boss, I should have understand then. Palak says our marriage is just a week old, how can I betray you. Rithvik says that is what I am saying, how can you betray me within a week. He shows her pics.

Palak asks you was spying on me. Rithvik says yes and asks if she went for business meeting. Palak says you trust me this much. Rithvik says I can’t even do anything to you. Setu says if your PDA is over then shall I go, Rohit is waiting for me. Palak is crying and asks what is happening. Rithvik smiles and tells that VP came after she left, and I started drinking. He tells that Setu came to their house and told him about Palak doing sting operation on her boss. Fb begins, Setu tells that Palak wanted to catch her boss red handed, but her boss made her meet his mum and she got her promotion done. Fb ends. Rithvik says I never doubted on you. When I saw dad standing on our door, I thought he came to take us home. Palak says what is all this? Rithvik says Prank and tells that you do such dangerous thing in night. Palak says you are sleeping outside today and asks him to sweep the floor. She gives broom in his hand.

Rishabh asks VP if Rithvik called and says he thought of something to bring him back. Rithvik cleans the glass piece mess and asks Palak to check. Palak asks if he is missing his dad. Rithvik says I never stayed without my dad and now I can’t bear his hatred. Palak says he doesn’t hate you, but worry for you. She says I don’t have any complains with him and I understand him since I understood you. She says since your mum left, he is very possessive about you and couldn’t trust me. She asks him to understand him and give him sometime. She says I will wait and he will understand. Rithvik says you are very understanding. Palak’s father asks Manjeet to meet Palak. Manjeet says I don’t care about her now. She opens the door and sees Rishabh’s wife standing.

Manjeet asks why did you come? Rishabh’s wife shows her Palak’s pic and says she goes to her boss house in night and you can understand what she does with him. Manjeet says I can see the truth, although I am angry with her, she can’t betray her husband. She says even her face can’t be seen. She says this relation will never break even if Rithvik wants and you can’t break my daughter. She tears the pic. Palak’s father smiles. Manjeet gives the photo pieces in her hand and asks her to throw it in dustbin. VP asks do you worry for Rithvik. Mamta says yes, but not like you. VP says whatever I am saying, you are saying opposite thing. Mamta says I am giving you time so that you accept Palak else I wouldn’t have kept my son and daughter in law away from their home. She asks do you get that? Gita hears them. Rithvik comes there. Mamta says what a pleasant surprise and tells that VP made her upset. Rithvik tells VP that you was wrong about Palak, she went to teach a lesson to her boss. VP says your bahu is having affair with her boss. Mamta says it is a rubbish.

VP says that’s why I didn’t tell you. He says only Rishabh understands me. Mamta says you both doesn’t listen to anyone. Rithvik says it was a sting operation to catch her boss, and Setu went with her. VP says Setu was searching rich guy for marriage. Rithvik says Setu told him about the sting operation. VP says Palak will do the same which Gita did with me. Gita hears them and gets upset. She recalls leaving the house although VP tries to stop her. A burqa clad woman comes to her. Gita says nobody knows what happened that day, and when everyone come to know about the truth then everything will change.

Palak asks did you think for a while that I was cheating on you. Rithvik accepts and says I thought after whatever my mum had done with me. Palak says I will kill your mum if she comes infront of me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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