Dil Hi Toh Hai 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak agrees to sign the agreement

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VP tells Mamta to smile. I have finally agreed to meet that girl. Dadi says everything is fine except the pre-nup agreement. If it was me, I would have thrown the papers on your face and walked away! VP says it wouldn’t have been required if it was some other girl instead of Palak. With what all happened recently, I cannot trust her with anything. Rishabh tells Saanchi no one cares about what he thinks. She tells him otherwise but he walks away in a huff. Reeva supports him. No one is listening to me but atleast Bhai’s advice should be paid heed to.

Saanchi tells Rishabh to give a chance to Palak. You told me that Dad will thrown Ritvik out of house if Palak marries him. Do you want to make your brother unhappy? Rishabh is sure Palak and his mother will twist things around as soon as they are married. They are using him. No one can see this except me. I think you should stop Palak from signing pre-nup. Save Rickey!

Shivam is repeating Mughal-e-azam’s dialogues. Ritvik pats at his cheek cutely. There is enough drama going on in the house. Shivam says I was just giving a feel to your story. This is apt for you. Ritvik hopes his story does not end that way.

Rishabh tells his father that Ritvik and Palak’s relation has gone to next level. VP says they are both adults. I have to meet Palak once to judge things. Knowing Ritvik, it is normal. Rishabh keeps adding fuel to the fire. VP says I don’t care. I want to know if Palak supports her mother in what she said. I will decide things then. Rishabh tells him to be very careful. Palak can twist the matter around as per her wish as Ritvik loves her madly. Make her sign the pre-nup. VP tells him to call Ritvik.

Mamta compliments Ananya on the way she handled everything. Ananya says I promise I wont let the friendship between Noon’s and Puri’s get worse. Mamta smiles sweetly. Reeva takes Ananya with her.

Shivam teases his brother on the apps. You wouldn’t need them now right? Ritvik shakes his head.

Rishabh asks Saanchi if she had a word with Palak. She declines. She asks Shanaya about Ritvik and gets to know that he is waiting in garden for Palak. He sends her to garden to send Ritvik upstairs. Tell him that Dad wants to talk to him. Meanwhile, you tell Palak not to sign the pre-nup.

Saanchi sends Ritvik upstairs and stays in the garden to talk to Palak.

Palak reaches Noon House. She greets Ananya whereas Reeva gives her a cold shoulder. Ananya asks Palak to go inside and win the war. All the best! Palak thanks her.

Palak meets Saanchi.

Ritvik does not find it right that Palak should first sign the agreement. This sounds like some deal. Rishabh reasons that Dad is thinking for them only. It will be clear that she loves you if she signs the agreement today. If not, we will also have clarity. Ritvik is positive she will sign it. Dad should meet her first. She is a human being. Clear the matter with Manjeet aunty first and then we can take things forward. Please make sure things move ahead in a respectful manner.

Saanchi tells Palak she really wants to help her. I don’t want you to get cornered like your mother. I told her what she needs to say before Dad but she messed it up. I don’t want you to repeat it. They will make you sign a pre-nup today. They are just concerned about Ritvik. Palak says they feel I am a gold digger. Saanchi says I know that you are a very strong girl. If I was in your place, I would have given preference to my self-respect. I want you to think before signing this agreement. Don’t tell anyone about our meeting and what we discussed. Palak heads inside. Saanchi wonders if Palak will sign the papers.

Palak wonders why Ritvik dint tell her about this agreement.

Mamta welcomes Palak. Palak asks her directly about the pre-nup agreement. Saanchi told me about it. Mamta takes her inside. Palak sits unhappily as Mamta pours tea for her. Ritvik wanted to tell you himself. We don’t doubt you. VP wants you to sign these papers. I tried to make him understand but he is very protective, possessive about Ritvik. I cannot explain those reasons. Sign them. Palak declines. Why do I have to prove though? What kind of a wedding is this? Mamta tells her to think it to be just a paper. Palak reasons that conditions don’t form any relation. I don’t want anything from Ritvik. Mamta says there are many people in the family. They have diverse opinions. We cannot make them understand everything. Just sign the papers and throw it on everyone’s faces. It will be your victory dead. Trust me. Palak says it isn’t easy and goes.

VP gives the agreement papers to Ritvik. Get Palak’s signature on it. Ritvik goes.

Rishabh asks Saanchi if Palak said something. Saanchi declines. He hopes Palak does not sign the papers. Mamta tells Saanchi and Rishabh that she feels Palak wont sign the papers.

Ritvik meets Palak outside just when she is about to leave. You want me to sign the pre-nup papers? He asks her who told her about it. She takes Saanchi’s name. I also spoke to your mom. He calls it complicated but she clears out that I am with you only for you. I am not in this relationship for money. I will sign the papers.

Aman and Mamta are walking in the garden. Aman tells Mamta that Ritvik should tell Palak about this agreement himself.

Palak tells Ritvik she is doing all this for him, for them. I am doing this for the guy who was raised by a mother like Mamta aunty. I am ready to sign the papers. She takes it from him. He assures her that her self-respect wont be hampered by signing this agreement. She nods. I will fix the trust issues in your family too. He smiles and nods. Yes Ma’am! Mamta and Aman have seen everything and smile. Ritvik and Palak share a hug. Aman and Mamta hug them. Dadi and the kids also congratulate them. Palak is surprised to see all of them there. Shivam apologizes for overhearing their convo stealthily. We were hiding behind the car. Ritvik asks his mother and Aman how they came here. Mamta shares that they were just walking in the garden when they overheard their convo. Ritvik calls them embarrassing. Mamta hugs him. I couldn’t have found a better life partner than Palak for Ritvik.

Aman excitedly tells VP that Palak has signed the papers. VP is pleased. I don’t want to test her anymore. He goes with Aman to meet her. Rishabh is irked with the news. Will Palak live in this house now?

Precap: Ritvik tells Palak that it rains whenever they meet. They step out of the car.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Most relaxing serial in a while even though its an ekta and i know she’ll spoil it somewhere down the line like her others it’s still refreshing and i could actual tolerate Rishabh and Reeva even though they need a slap for acting like spoil jealous brats but hey every show needs a villain…..like mamta character especially being a step mom and aman is a sweet heart sadly he’s in love with reeva he deserves someone like ananya and ritwik 2 youger siblings and grandmom are gems

  2. Ye vp nd palak kabhi milte q nhi ek dusre se
    Jab medicine ka prblm chal ra tha tabhi yhi haal tha
    Vp tab milna chahta tha palak se per tab ye ritwik ki villan bna huwa tha
    Or ab…..
    Mujhe toh lag ra hai ki vp or palak k milne me koi twist hoga ab?

  3. such a simple story and its so relaxing and nice . hope vp and palak talk to each other and clear all the misunderstandings , i am sure rishabh will create a rift between parit in the future , its ok , it will be like , at least mamta and the noon family except rishabh love palak and like her character

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