Dil Hi Toh Hai 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: VP stops Palak from seeing Ritwik

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Ritwik meets an accident. Gita rushes to him. She calls Palak, but her phone is on side. VP is trying to reach to Ritwik. Gita picks up and informs him that Ritwik had an accident and they are going to hospital. VP is shocked.

Aman and others get message on their phone regarding the same. Palak and others are shocked.

Whole family is in hospital. VP seems to be broken down. Mamta asks nurse about the lady who brought Ritwik. Nurse says she didn’t tell her name, but she’s also gone for check up. VP recalls memories with Ritwik. Doctor informs that he lost a lot of blood, but is in stable condition. Dadi tells Mamta to go and thank the lady who brought Ritwik to hospital. Mamta goes.

VP is crying. Reeva consoles him.

Gita finds out about Ritwik’s condition from a nurse.

Palak and her friends arrive. Rishabh stops Palak from going to Ritwik, blaming her for this condition of Ritwik. Palak requests him, but he doesn’t listen and says now her problem is solved. She can go to Vikrant without any fear. Dadi stops Rishabh. Rishabh shows love letter written to her by Vikrant. Palak is crying and she wants to know what happened, what doctors are saying. Rishabh asks her to go else he will call security on her. She says she is his wife and lawfully she has more rights than him to stay with him. Rishabh twists her words and says she is seeing benefit in this situation too, how to file case on them. She says he can do whatever he wants, she will stay there only. VP asks Rishabh to tell Palak to leave, else he will call police. Rishabh tells him to call police else Palak is very rude girl. VP is looking on other side, so him and Palak still have not seen each other. VP calls police. Palak is shocked. She asks VP how he can keep someone’s wife away from her husband when he is in such condition. She is not doing any drama, she just wants to be with him. She cries and leaves from there. Aman says only Mamta can handle this. He goes to find her.

Gita talks to Vikrant and blames herself for calling Ritwik like this. Mamta opens the room door and just then Aman tells Mamta about Vp and Palak situation. Gita sees Mamta and hides. Mamta goes with Aman.

Mamta tries to explain to VP and Rishabh. She then takes VP away to give him medicine. Aman and Shiv go to Palak and say they have a plan to take her to Ritwik.

VP is sad and blaming himself for ill-treating Ritwik lately. Mamta tries to send him home to rest. He doesn’t want to leave hospital. She asks him to sit and relax there then for some time. She calmly tries to tell him to allow Palak to be with Ritwik, but he is still against Palak.

Ritwik is being moved out of operation room. Doctor informs surgery was successful and now he will be kept under observation for 48 hours. All family members are happy to hear that.

Doctor is talking to Rishabh. Palak passes from there in nurse dress. Doctor asks whether she’s the one making report of Ritwik. She says yes and she is going to check him. Rishabh doubts her, but is not able to see her face.

Palak comes to Ritwik and she’s glad to see him. He opens his eyes.

Next week: Ritwik is again unconscious. VP says Ritwik and Gita’s blood group is same. Later, Palak is seen requesting Gita to give blood to Ritwik.

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