Dil Hi Toh Hai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak brings Navya to Vikrant

Dil Hi Toh Hai 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mamta orders her family that beside Reeva and Aman, no one will attend wedding to spoil Ritwik’s first project as a wedding planner. Rishabh says he himself invited whole family. Mamta says he only came to tell VP that Palak didn’t have any affair with Vikrant.

Later, Taari informs this to Gita. Gita remembers finding wedding vows card and decides to use that to bring VP to the wedding. She gives card to Taari to deliver to some place.

Later, Rishabh comes to VP with that card and says Vikrant wrote that to Palak. He sent some files and by mistake left card in it. Something doesn’t look right and they should attend wedding to see what’s true.

Ritwik cleans whole house and wants to go to sangeet. Setu calls Palak and asks her to meet her somewhere. Palak

says she can’t leave. It’s important to stop Ritwik. Setu advices her to give sleeping pills to Ritwik. Palak does that and Ritwik falls asleep.

Palak comes to Navya’s house where Setu was already waiting. Palak tells everything to Navya.

Gita is hoping Ritwik and VP meet today and they have a big fight. She will then take care of broken Ritwik. Just then Navya enters. Vikrant is shocked. He tries to explain to her that this all is just drama, but Navya refuses to believe him.

Palak was waiting outside. She too now goes inside and confronts Gita and Vikrant. She says she won’t let her mother’s reputation go down by doing this fake marriage. She calls Manjeet and tells that wedding is cancelled. Vikrant and Gita are a big fraud. Manjeet gets sad. Palak tells Vikrant and Gita to re-pay all the losses Manjeet suffered in this marriage. Gita questions that this is not the only reason for her doing this, right? Palak tells her that she knows she’s Ritwik’s real mother who left him in childhood for money. She will never let Ritwik meet her again. Because of her, he doubted every woman. For him girls were just time pass thing. It took a lot of effort to bring him out of all that. She asks Gita why she’s doing all this. She is not doing all this for Ritwik, she’s doing this for her own selfishness. Gita tells Palak that she doesn’t need to answer her. She can do whatever she want, she can’t stop her from meeting her son. Today truth will come out in front of Ritwik. Gita goes away. Vikrant asks Navya now she understood why all this happened? She nods no. He too leaves.

Precap: Palak tells Ritwik about cancellation of Vikrant’s marriage.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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