Dil Hi Toh Hai 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritwik invites Noons to Vikrant’s wedding

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Ritwik tells Vikrant the way they were behaving, they (Tara and her boyfriend) didn’t look like brother sister. Vikrant says they both are actually very close. Ritwik says whatever he says. Vikrant gets a call from some girl, Navya. Ritwik tells him he can talk. Vikrant picks up and pretends line is not clear and disconnects.

Later, Ritwik prepares lunch. He says he likes spicy. Vikrant says him too and there is another common thing between them. They both have had many girlfriends. Ritwik tells him not to take girlfriend name in that house, else Palak will beat him up. He’s now wife-devoted husband. Vikrant asks him tips for married life. Ritwik asks if he has mother-in-law. Vikrant says yes. Ritwik jokes to get rid off her then. Vikrant says he should tell this to Palak. Ritwik

tells him to be easy, it’s him who cooked chicken for him. Vikrant says from them two, Palak is his favorite, in end she is his employee. Palak comes and hears it. Ritwik tells her that Vikrant needs help in choosing wedding cards and stuff. Palak tries to stop Ritwik from going. Ritwik asks whenever he tries to help in marriage, she tries to sideline him. She doesn’t want him to work on the marriage? She says nothing like that. He tells her not to worry about Tara. Everything is cleared now.

Tara and her boyfriend are relived. Gita gives her boyfriend money and asks him to leave the country.

Palak and Setu meet. They look at photos again and say there is no way they look like sister-brother. Palak says she wants to know what Gita’s plan is. She can’t let Ritwik face her. She gets message from Vikrant. Setu asks what’s that. She says wedding vows. Setu says Ritwik must have helped him in writing those. Palak reads it.. in end it has written Navya’s name instead Tara’s. They wonder who is Navya now.

Gita calls Navya and tells her it’s just about few days. She will have to go on silent mode. She knows they her and Vikrant love each other a lot, but right now Vikrant is doing some important work for her. No one shall find out she’s his girlfriend.

Vikrant tells Ritwik that he will have to give wedding card to Noons as well. He tells him that he can sit in car. Ritwik says he will go with him. They arrive at Noon house and invite Noons. Rishabh and VP come. Rishabh insults Ritwik repeatedly calling him Manjeet’s assistant. He asks how much he is getting paid for this job. Ritwik replies back that he has spoiled many of her marriages, so this is just way of paying back which he won’t understand. VP tells Ritwik to tell his clear intentions, he just hasn’t come to give card. Ritwik says his intention has always been Palak and will always be. Whom he was linking Palak with is this Vikrant only who has a girlfriend and whom he’s marrying now. Everyone is not like Gita. Some are loyal as well. He takes VP’s hand in his and says, I have understood that and you should understand it too. He leaves. VP takes wedding card from Mamta and throws it away.

Palak and Setu wait for guard to get distracted, so they can enter Vikrant’s house. They succeed doing that. They try to find Vikrant’s laptop. Gita and Vikrant return home. Gita is relieved as situation is under control. She says 2 more days then VP himself will insult Ritwik in marriage. VP is very angry at Ritwik. Once he breaks him completely, she will help Ritwik recovering. Setu and Palak were nearby, but doesn’t seem they were able to hear.

Rishabh wonders why Rahejas are helping Ritwik and Palak so much. First job, then promotion, now marriage contact to Manjeet. VP says Manjeet just uses her daughter to get marriage contracts. Rishabh says they must stop Rahejas from helping Ritwik. Later, Rishabh calls Vikrant and says he wants to meet him and asks whether he can come to his house. Gita instructs Vikrant to say ok.

Vikrant is going to study room. Palak and Setu are finding his laptop there.

Precap: Palak suggests Ritwik to go back to VP. Ritwik asks and leave her? She says no, just go and stay with him. He will be able to explain him better that way. Distance is creating more issues.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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