Dil Hi Toh Hai 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak stops Gita from meeting Rithvik

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The Episode starts with Palak coming out. She stops Rithvik who tells that he didn’t take bath today as water stopped. He asks if she didn’t go to office. Palak says we didn’t spend time after marriage and says lets go and spend time. Rithvik asks about Manjeet’s work. Palak says she told her and she asked her to spend time with him. They go out. Palak asks Rithvik not to stress himself and says Manjeet’s work is difficult and asks him not to help her. Rithvik says I am just helping your mum and will not become wedding planner. He asks her to focus. Palak says I was saying as…..Rishabh gets down from his car and comes to Rithvik. He taunts Rithvik and Palak. Rithvik asks him to respect women. Rishabh says he respects women, but not some women. Rithvik says if I tell you something or

break your mouth then you will add masala and complain to Dad. He says what will be your condition when Dad comes to know how you have broken his house, I am standing here, but don’t know where you would be. Rishabh smiles and gives 2000 Rs. to shop keeper as tip. He says you used to give 2000 tip to people, but now that time is gone. Palak asks him not to take stress and says everyone will know everything.

Manjeet asks Gita that it would have been good if Vikrant’s fiance have seen the decoration designs. Gita asks where is your damad? Manjeet says Rithvik is stressed as his mum troubles him. Gita asks whom? Mamta Noon. Manjeet tells no and says his first mum. She says Mamta is good and is devi. She badmouths about his first mum. Manjeet calls Rithvik and then Palak. Palak tells that he is busy and tells that she will come there. Manjeet tells Gita that Palak is coming. Gita says it seems your daughter don’t want me to meet him. She says we will go and meet Vikrant’s fiance. Gita and Palak are in the car. Palak tells Gita that Rithvik was busy. Rithvik comes to manjeet’s house and tells that he went on a date with Palak. Manjeet tells that she got a message from him and shows the message. Rithvik says I didn’t send you message. In the car, Gita asks Palak about her problems with the family. Palak ignores her and asks her about Vikrant’s fiance. Gita tells that her name is Tara. They met in US. She then asks her again about Rithvik. Palak asks why she wants to know? Manjeet tells Rithvik that she is planning Vikrant Raheja’s marriage. She says he is Palak’s boss and says may be that’s why she don’t him to work with her. She says what I will do now. Rithvik says I will work with you.

VP gets angry knowing Rithvik will work under Manjeet. Reva says it is not good. VP says he don’t want him to work with that woman. Mamta tells that it was her idea and she asked Manjeet to take Rithvik’s help so that his mind gets diverted and he gets involved in work. VP tells that he don’t expect this from her.

Gita and Palak come to Tara’s house. Tara praises Gita infront of her. Palak asks her to tell her likes and dislikes. Manjeet and Rithvik come to meet Vikrant. Manjeet says Rithvik will plan your wedding. Vikrant says really and says I want to become like you, a good businessman. Rithvik says you talked like my younger brother. Tara tells that she doesn’t like red color. Vikrant says Tara likes red color and asks Rithvik to make wedding card red. Palak asks about her parents’ pics. Tara makes excuse. Palak says she needs to go to washroom. She sees Tara’s room and goes to her room. She sees happy birthday decoration and reads a card. She thinks today is Tara’s birthday and thinks who is Abu? She comes back. Gita tells Palak that she will drop her home and meet her husband. Palak says ok, meet him today. Gita drops Palak and gets down from her car, when Setu comes with mic and cameraman and asks her take on her son’s upcoming marriage. Gita is afraid and sits in car, goes. Setu asks Palak why did she make her do this. Palak tells her that she will tell her later. Setu insists. Palak says the lady is Rithvik’s mum. Setu says she is not Mamta aunty. Palak says she is Rithvik’s biological mom. Setu is shocked.

Rithvik asks Palak why she didn’t tell him that Manjeet is planning her boss’ wedding. Later Vikrant meets Rithvik and tells that Palak is his favorite between both of them. Palak hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. You are ending the serial fine but to shift it to a time slot of 1230 and not to offer a replay not so fine. I will watch the serial on Jio or somewhere else but Sony you have lost a loyal viewer I will think ten times before watching on a channel of this kind.

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