Dil Hi Toh Hai 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishabh insults Palak and her mother

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Rishabh convinces his father that nothing important is going on downstairs. We have been neglecting business since long. Let’s focus please. We cannot bear to lose another deal. Vijay calls out to someone while Rishabh goes downstairs.

Mr. Puri tells Mahendra that he hasn’t abducted Setu. Rishabh politely bids adieu to the guests. It’s just the families who are left in the end. Rishabh says Setu does not seem to be under any pressure in the video. Maybe this is her take on things. No one was listening to her so she took this step. Palak declines. She will not say any such thing. I know her. Ritvik also speaks in Setu’s favour but Rishabh tells him to stop. You often forget that I am your elder brother. Ritvik and Mamta are taken aback by his behaviour. Mamta asks him where Vijay is. I sent you to bring him here. Rishabh says I am here. Papa is handling other important tasks. Rishabh asks Rohit what is happening. You and Setu want to marry first but then the wedding is broken. Ritvik comes back and you guys ended up in jungles looking for Setu and Palak. We belong to respectable families unlike you guys. Palak objects again but Reeva seconds Rishabh. Ritvik tells her to stop it. Mamta asks everyone to stop.

Mr. Puri says I will tell you today’s highlight. Where is that lawyer Apurva? He shows the pre-nuptial agreement to everyone. It is written here that if I get Setu married to Rohit then I will get the land. Manjeet ji says I dint want anything like that. I dint want any hindrance to come in Setu’s wedding. Palak asks her about the agreement. Manjeet ji says I agree I spoke to my lawyer and got the agreement. I dint have any other motive. I knew that Mr. Puri will bring it in front of his son as his son would understand what he is still up to. I was just trying to tie his hands by law. I take care of the responsibility of happiness of all the girls who I get married. Let her come. She knows everything. Palak says where is she though. Mr. Puri taunts Manjeet ji on her antics and tears the papers. Manjeet ji says I will call my lawyer again. He does not mind.

Ritvik asks her why she dint talk to Rohit once about this. Such a misunderstanding broke the wedding in the past too. Palak says you too would have blamed us only. You too have said what Reeva is saying. You would have also said that we are only after money and rich guys! Gayatri says is this wedding or agreement. Rishabh suggests him to talk to Palak and her mother. Ritvik says they are equally worried. Rishabh warns him not to forget he is his elder brother. I think I have understood what they are after – money and status. You (Ritvik) said it yourself once. They have gotten you on your side but it wont change the truth. Ritvik suggests speaking to Setu first but Rishabh tells them to leave. You are spoiling the atmosphere of our house. Manjeet ji tries to explain but Palak takes her with her. Setu will tell everything now. Mamta is upset that they are still after the deal.

Mamta asks her husband why he dint come downstairs. Vijay says Rishabh said everything is fine. Rishabh says everything was fine but it’s a little messy now. They all head downstairs.

Palak’s father scolds his wife for not consulting her family or anyone before taking any decision. Now it’s all the more spoiled. Mahendra also adds that they know she means good but you could have consulted us once. We could have found some other way. Palak asks everyone to talk about this later.

Vijay seconds Rishabh. Manjeet isn’t the right kind of person. She can do this for money. Reeva and Mrs. Puri are also speaking against Setu. Rohit tells Ritvik that he knows they are wrong but Setu isn’t here to prove the truth. Mamta says we need to find her. Rishabh and Vijay refuse. Ritvik asks his father why everyone is after Palak. I know you guys want a scapegoat but this does not mean we will blame it on them. Mr. Puri says they are pointing fingers at me. Ritvik says it might be possible that you might have said something wrong to them. Vijay asks him if he has gone mad. They are so close to you suddenly? Do you know who you are talking to? He is my friend!
Reeva suggests getting Ritvik and Ananya married. Ritvik declines but no one is interesting in finding Setu. Mrs. Puri advises Rohit to get rid of Setu, Manjeet and Palak. We have to think about Ananya too. Cards have been distributed. Let’s go ahead with this. Mr. Puri asks Vijay to get Ananya and Ritvik married. My son’s wedding could not happen but we cannot pull off Ananya and Ritvik’s wedding. I will make my son understand somehow. Ananya refuses to let his brother go through all this. I wont let it happen. Rohit tells her to let it be. I will find my Setu on my own. Rishabh asks his family to change the wedding planner. Vijay also announces that he does not wish to see them in his house after today. Mamta and Ritvik look upset.

Ananya tries to encourage Rohit that they will sort out this problem too. Servant asks guard to check the CCTV footage of the last 10 hours. Mrs. Puri says she is such a big drama. I don’t want her to return ever. Mr. Puri wonders if this happened coincidentally or did someone kidnapped her.

Ritvik is unable to sleep thinking about what happened today. Mamta comes there. You dint sleep? He says Rohit is upset, everyone taunted Palak and her Mom so much and Setu is missing! It’s bizarre. Mamta too is feeling bad. Ritvik speaks of postponing his marriage. Mamta tells him to think before taking any decision. Your Papa wont be able to take it. All his hopes and happiness are pinned on your wedding! Mamta asks him if he will talk to Palak next. Ritvik takes Setu’s name but Mamta tells him to remember that Vijay gets irrigated the moment he hears Palak’s name.

The guard yawns as he watches the footage. He feels someone is outside and goes to check. While the guard is checking outside, a hoddie guy messes up with the CCTV footage. He absconds the moment the guard gets busy with the footage.

Ritvik has come to meet Ananya outside her house. He speaks of waiting to let his best friend find his balance. Ananya nods. I don’t wish to postpone the wedding though. A lot is going on but I don’t want to delay it anymore. Things wont change between us anyways. You don’t want to marry me? He says it isn’t so. I was thinking about Rohit. She tells him not to worry. Let’s look for Setu. Ritvik wants to speak to Palak. Why would Setu disappear and give stress to Rohit? Ananya goes to change so they can go to Palak’s house together. He notices a shadow passing by and holds the hoodie guy. It turns out to be Palak only.

Precap: Ritvik says I want to find Setu. Trust me. She asks him if he and Ananya will believe that Mr. Puri is responsible in Setu’s abduction. She is your would be wife. You are about to marry her soon!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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