Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 20

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Hi everyone. I am back. This will be my last episode. Next I will be posting an epilogue and that’s it. So let’s start the most awaited wedding of my story. It’s swalak’s wedding everyone. So I welcome you all to swara and laksh’s grand wedding. Give your love and blessings to them.

Scene 1:At Maheswari mansion

Dp and ap came down and noticed everyone are ready. Ap told sanskar and viren to get laksh.They brought laksh down. Ap had tears in her eyes. She went went near him. He bents down and took her blessing. Ap hugged him and then kissed his forehead. She put black dot behind his neck. Laksh took Dp’s blessings. Then everyone left towards gadodia mansion in horse. Everyone danced for songs on the way. Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye (Film- Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai), Tere Dware Pe Aai Baraat (Film- Vivah) played and ragsan and virika danced for it. They reached gadodia mansion.

Scene 2:At gadodia mansion

Baraat arrived. Laksh went towards the entrance followed by everyone. Janki did his aarthi. Shekhar made laksh wear garland and did same with dp , sanskar and viren. Janki pulled laksh’s nose. He acted as if it’s paining ap and janki panicked. But he smiled and they held his ears. He said ouch now it’s paining. They smiled and left his ears. The mansion was decorated beautifully.

A mandap was set in the middle of hall. Laksh was made to sit in it. Boys were standing with him. He kept searching here and there. Boys teased him and he also blushed . Girls went to bring swara. After sometime they brought her. Laksh was mesmerized to see her. Din Shagna Da Chadeya (The ever so classic song for the bride to make her arrival) played in background. He kept on staring at her. Swara noticed laksh’s eyes on her and blushed more.

Swara was made to sit beside laksh. Mangalam Bhagvan Vishnu (Kal Ho Naa Ho) played in background. Pandit gave them garlands to exchange. First tried to put the garland on laksh but sanskar and viren lifted him. So swayam and virat lifted her. Then she make him wear garland. Laksh also made her wear the garland. They smiled seeing each other. Then they sat. Maanvi did their ghat bandhan. Pandit chanted some mantra and they followed him.

Pandit called shekhar and janki to do kanyadhaan. They did as per pandit saying. After that pandit told swalak to get up for phera’s. They got up and completed it. Then he asked them to sit. He gave mangalsutra to laksh to tie it on swara neck. Laksh tied it on her neck. Both had an deyelock. Without breaking it, he applied sindoor on her hair line. They both felt complete. They felt eachother’s heart beat. Then pandit said vivah is complete.

They took elder’s blessings. Then everyone took pictures with them. After sometimeeveryone had dinner. It’s time for swara’s vidaai. Gadodia’s cried. Laksh consoled him and promised he will take good care of her. Ye Betiyan Toh Babul ki Raaniya Hai (Film- Na Tum Jano Na Hum) and Babul (Film- Hum Aapke Hain Koun) played in background. Swara hugged swayam. He told he will miss her fights. She told don’t worry will fight daily in phone.

Shekhar hugged her and kissed her forehead. Swara wiped his tears. He blessed her. Then she moved to janki who was so sad and is in tears. Swara hugged her and cried. Both cried after some time they broke the hug. Janki blessed her and told her to be good at her sasural. Swara smiled and again hugged her. Then she went with laksh towards the car. She entered inside the car. Laksh followed her inside. Then she waved bye to everyone. Shekhar and swayam pushed the car. They left from gadodia mansion. Swara hugged laksh and cried he consoled her and made her smile. They reached maheshwari mansion.

Scene 3:At maheswari mansion

Swalak got out of car. Everyone are ready to do her grah pravesh. Swalak stood near entrance. A and ragini did their aarthi. Then swara kicked the kalaash and swalak entered. They were made to sit on sofa. A big bowl was placed in which milk is there along with many thing. Swalak sat opposite to each other. Sanskar cheered for swara and told she will only win. Viren also told he also agree with that. Laksh said bhai you two left. He became sad and said i have no one bhabhi.

Ragini and jeevika told they will support him. Laksh face lit up. Virat told he will support swara as she is her sister cum friend. Swavir hi-fied. Maanvi said then i will be with mu brother cum friend. Now lakman hi-fied. Ansh and sara went to swara’s side. Laksh told I have maansi with me and her cheeks. They pouted but swara kissed their cheeks. Now laksh pouted. Ap told so now let’s start. Ap dropped the ring into the bowl. Swalak competed to get the ring.

Swara was busy in searching the ring while laksh was busy in trying to grab her hand. She noticed it and blushed. They both held the ring at a time. Swara got an idea and winked at laksh. He was shocked and left the ring. Swara took the chance and grabbed the ring from him. She lifted it and showed to everyone. Boys cheered for swara. Laksh made a cry baby face towards the girls. Boys said awww cry baby and laughed seeing him.

Girls said laksh don’t worry about them. Whatever they do finally they to come to us only na then we will take care of them. Girls glared at boys while the gulped their saliva in fear. Laksh smiled seeing them. Girls took swara to laksh’s room. It was decorated beautifully. She was made to sit on center. Then they left from there. Then laksh came. He entered the room. He went near swara and lifted her ghangat.

He was shocked she that it was virat sitting there. He shouted ahh god. Boys came out from their hide out and laughed seeing it. Swara came from wash room and smiled seeing the. Laksh shouted bhabhi and girls came. They pulled their husband’s ears and dragged them from there. Laksh came near swara and pulled her into a hug. She smiled and reciprocated. He told how happy he was and both kissed each other passionately. Laksh lifts her and brings her to the bed. Screen fades away.

Recap:Epilogue and end.

I hope you all liked this episode. I have already told I will end it after few episodes. I am ending it now. I will be back with another ff soon guys. See you all soon. To view their outfit’s visit the following page.

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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb and the outfits are wow

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      thank u so much. I am glad you liked it.

  2. Awesome

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      Thank u so much

  3. Soumya85

    Amazing episode loved it at Last they r marraied but this ff ends

    1. Inu

      Thank u so much for ur support and love.

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