Dil Dosti Dance 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Huma and Raghv laughed. Raghv wonders what Ishika might have been doing. Ishika says that Raghv powder flopped, and nothing happened. Raghv says that her boyfriend is not a human. She is annoyed and ask him to think. He insists that she should say ‘please’. She does and he says he will take Sharon to lunch.

In the car, Sharon asks what is the occasion. He says it is a thankyou lunch from a student to a teacher. She smiles. He opens the door for her at the venue.
Karma thinks that he can use this money for rehab and no one will know. He then thinks that this will be a cheating but he gets the call from rehab. Huma listens it.

Raghv gets Huma’s call. She tells him about his being drug-addict. Raghv denies and tells her to ignore any such thing. But she insists that he should be helped. Raghv goes to Sharon.

Everyone in the college café knew about Karma’s addiction. They all stared him. He comes to Neha, he asks him for notes but a girl comes and whispers something in her ear. She takes her notes and leaves.

Ishika and Vishnu stood outside Sharon’s office, Vishnu in a bad mood. The peon tells them that Sharon will be late. Ishika cheers. They leave.

Simmi tells everyone that one lac is missing from accounts. Nil says I forbid Swayam to give the money to Swayam. Huma comes there and tells them she knows Karma is a drug addict and he talked to rehab centre. Karma comes to academy, everyone stares at him.

Sharon and Raghv enjoys the food. Sharon appreciates saying she didn’t know that there is such a great restaurant in the vicinity of college, he says that the best thing is that no one from college comes here. Ishika and Vishnu come there, Ishika watched them and makes Vishnu sit on a side table. Raghv behaves weird with Sharon, but normalize a bit later.

Simmi tells Karma that she handles the accounts and he must tell her where the money has gone. Karma says that he will talk to Swayam but they all blame him for being a drug-addict. Swayam comes there and is shocked to hear that Karma is a drug addict.

Sharon was going to washroom; she watches Ishika and calls Raghv. He says they should let her go but she tells him to forget about his fight. Sharon waves hand to Ishika. Vishnu asks who she is, she tells him this is Sharon. Sharon comes to Ishika, Vishnu introduces herself. Sharon asks how I can help you. He says that Ishika can’t come to rehearsals on weekends. Sharon says that she has already talked to Ishika. Vishnu says that I know you denied. Sharon says that she is the academy incharge, and they must delay their plan as Ishika isn’t free. She heads to leave while Vishnu calls her from the back.

Swayam asks Karma that he trusted him, if he has spend the money he should tell them. Karma says he needed the money but he didn’t spent them as they are their’s. Swayam asks why he needed money. Karma says this is personal, but everyone tells him that Huma told them he takes drugs. Karma asks are you insane? Huma asks why you take such things. Karma shouts that hearing half the story, she must not conclude anything. Karma tells them to stay out of this. Huma asks her the full-story. Karma looks at everyone, who didn’t believe him.

Sharon turned back to face Vishnu. He asks what she think of herself. She asks him to mind his language. Vishnu fights with Raghv that he gets into every girl’s matter. Sharon says that Ishika is a student, she must listen to her. Vishnu says that Ishika is leaving the academy. Ishika resists that she doesn’t have to leave the academy, but Vishnu takes her away.

PRECAP: Swayam tells Karma that he must leave as he is a drug addict. Sharon fights with Swayam that he must not give so much heed to Huma.

Update Credit to: Sona

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