Dil Dosti Dance 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Swayam and Sharon were in the room, the glass breaks. Nil and Vicky calls them asking what happened. They say nothing. Nil and Vicky make fun of them. Simmi scolds them for making them fight. Sharon asks what he was doing. He says he was loving her, she asks where the broom is. He is astonished. She takes it and starts putting the glass pieces away. He holds her hands and says a broom doesn’t suit them. She asks what suits them then. He says my hand; they were looking into each other when Rilli comes. They say he was teaching Sharon to swipe with a broom. She wonders if they are swiping her. Swayam goes to call everyone for food.

Kriya comes inside, Rey follows her. Bharat asks had they been making CDs. Rey scolds her. Swayam comes and tells him the food has arrived. He takes it and asks for change. Rey gets something into his hand, Kriya comes to help him. Everyone fancies them.

Vicky and Nil fights on food. Swayam asks —–. Sharon answers ‘Affiliation’ he is annoyed, Sharon picks up a bite to put in his mouth but eats it herself. Rilli is seeing them. Rey gets spice in mouth. He asks for water, Vicky and Nil starts fighting again. Kriya gets honey, he repeatedly asks for more while she puts it. They all stop fighting and start watching them. Kriya is irritated by Rey’s demand for more, she asks the bottle has become half now? He says she is doing it with such love. Everyone hoots, Kriya leaves the table.

In the café next day, Swayam was making them relax. He asks Rey, he answers Yes Kriya is right. They all make fun of him. Amar brings dairy products for them. Peon comes and informs them VP sir called. Nil asks how his mood was. Rey says whatever happens, we will face together.

They come into VP’s room. VP and board were angry with them. They were worried. VP sir asks another senior to talk; he says to avoid what happened the board has decided not to take any action against them. The VP punished them to work for administration work one hour this semester. They agree and say sorry. The dean says that he is disappointed by their methods; Kriya says they are so passionate about dance. He says he could see the passion in their dance. He announces that the New York Academy has decided that the affiliation is being given. Congratulations. They were all standing still, and then start laughing hysterically. VP says that there are a lot of rule and regulations related to this affiliation. The board warns that this affiliation is a big thing that is why they are leaving them unpunished.

PRECAP: Kriya thinks that her dream has been fulfilled now and she must go back to New York. Rey calls her and asks what she is doing tomorrow evening; she must keep it free he has a surprise for her. She agrees. He thinks it will be the happiest moment of my life when I will tell you that I love you!

Update Credit to: Niki

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