Dil Dosti Dance 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Swayam finds Rey sitting alone in a room, he comes to him. rey says its all my fault. Bharat is right, I am doing nothing, I should have fight. Swayam says you shouldn’t blame yourself, you don’t have decision in your hand, beither is luck. He says Bharat saw a lot of struggles in life and hoped for some better future. He tells Rey to give bharat sometime and is sure he will give him a tight hug a few days later.
Vicky is lost in thoughts when the doctor gives him the prescription. He tells doctor I am a dancer, she says she wants to learn dance for a best-friend’s wedding. He promises he will teach her and hands her his card. Nil is worried why he isn’t coming out of doctor’s room when Vicky comes there again lost. He tells him she was too pretty. Nil has to drag Vicky out of the office.
Bharat comes to VP. He tells him he knows why here but asks him the problem. Bharat says that the foreigners are appointing only four people and they will be Rey, Kriya Swayam and Sharon. VP says he is sorry that Rey is not worried, he is concerned but you are not valuing his friends. VP sir tells him that his semester fee was paid by Rey not the college. Amar says thanks to VP and drags Bharat away.
Rey was in dancing room, Bharat comes and says you paid my fee and I always felt jealous about you. But I never thought that you also don’t take money from your parents. He hugs him tightly. Rey is determined and tells him he has another way to teach these foreigners.
Rey and Swayam are in cafeteria. He says this affiliation has taken a lot of tests from them. it tested there professional skills, personal relations and a lot more. Swayam says they passed all the tests and will be doing it in future. Rey says he is afraid there is something more to go wrong and that he sometimes doubt if the affiliation fight was a right thing to do. Swayam says if they lost hope now, they will never be able to win. Rey says he is still dependent upon Kriya and isn’t able to connect to her. he gets her call, listens to her and is worried about something. He hangs on and tells Swayam that MID has passed the decision and will recruit only four people and Richard is helpless about it. Rey suggests they must not tell everyone. Sharon says she will talk to her mom. Nil and Vicky comes laughing, seeing them they ask has someone died. Bharat says there dream has died. Swayam tells Sharon that Board of Director cant overturn the decision. Vicky says they must do protest in college. Rey says they will struggle this time but in a non-violent way. He says they will all fight in a non-violence way. Swayam says like a non-cooperation movement. They won’t participate in any activity of the college, no classes, no canteen. They will sit in the hall and will show banners and post cards to VP, board of directors and students.
They prepare for the protest. Vicky tells Nil that the doctor called so he is going to teach her the dance. The all sit in protest. Vicky comes to tells them their protest went violent, as students took videos of it. VP sir stood behind them.
Sharons mom got Mr. sharma’s call and is worried to hear about the protest. She says they think this silly protest will make them change their decision. Sharon didn’t tell me anything. She says I underestimated these students, and will have to take serious decisions. I will not let Sharon destroy her career for these students.
VP sir reads the banners and post cards. He asks they all consider this college as their private property, how did you people do such things in the college without permission. Rey comes forward; VP says such behavior will no longer be tolerated in the college from now on. Rey closes his fists at his back.

PRECAP: Sharon tells her mom she cant come home, the lights of the college is cut. The guard says they have orders from higher authorities. They all spend the night in heat. Sharon begins getting asthamatic attacks.

Update Credit to: Sona

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