Dil Dosti Dance 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kriya comes finding Rey. He was crying, he says he knows about her engagement, congratulations, Raj is a happy guy. She says she wanted to tell him, but he says it is ok. Is she happy. She says she is. He says, that is what matters. Kriya says right now his team needs you, for what he do the best, dance. Rey shakes her hand, and leaves. The team bucks Rey up, Rey goes to change. Sara is also getting ready.
Kriya notices goons going inside, and follows them. Sara was in the room, when the light goes off. They sit outside the door, and spread marble balls. Kriya hides herself, the goons hide to watch Sara fell off. Kriya calls Sara and informs her about the problem. She tries to tell Sara, but she doesn’t listen. Sara fell off the marbles, her foot strained. Kriya says she must dance in place of Sara. Raj takes her out, and says she can’t take the risk and he won’t allow. Kriya argues, but she says she can’t let him influence her dance. He says he will sponsor them. The crowd cheers. Kriya says the audience is cheering, it is for D3. An artist can understand this. She expect her to understand her. These people are family to her
Simmi and Nil announces about the performance.
Rey and Kriya come to stage, dressed in black. The crowd gives them a standing ovation. Swayam tells everyone sara is alright.
Raj says to Rey he wants to tell him a truth. Rey says he knows they are engaged. Raj says he wants to tell him that they aren’t engaged, he is Kriya’s doctor and her friend. They aren’t engaged. He did it for Kriya, because she knows he hasn’t moved on in life. She knew her medical condition, but she danced for him only.

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The last performace was by D3 group. They all come to perform on stage.
Rey asks Kriya, she says she wanted to keep a secret. He asks why, she says she saw him where they have been. Rey says they can be here together. Kriya says she is happy with Raj, and she thinks he must accept it. Rey says if she is happy without him, he accepts it. He leaves. Kriya moves on to find Sara. Sara says don’t do this. Kriya says she knows she likes Rey. She says Rey is very close to her heart, please take care of him. Sara says she knows Rey, but he only has place for one girl and they all know it is you. Kriya says good bye, and leaves.
Swayam stops Sharon during jogging. He says they must be together. She says they need to stay separately, as they must also know themselves too. Swayam says he disagrees, but respects her. She says they will meet at this place, after a year. Swayam says this means we want each other to be together.
Raj says to Kriya that she is leaving her meaning of life. She can lie to herself, but not Rey. Kriya says there is someone already in his life, and she can’t come and leave him as per her chance. She thinks she should move on. Raj says she must take Rey this decision; she must give him the right to tell you what he wants. Kriya says it is too late, we can’t look back. Raj says we must look ahead at our future, and points at Rey standing. He comes to Kriya, Raj says they must stay with each other. Rey and Kriya smile and hug each other. Raj goes aside. Kriya cries, Rey picks her up in his arms and take her.
After an hour, Swayam gives a flower to Sharon, Sharon says she must have come to his home. She has realized, he is perfect for her. He says he is happy that her thinking has changed. He says I love you, she says I love you too. They hug. He asks did Rey texted her, and they leave.

They all bid farewell at the end.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Even though the end was a bit rushed i loved it since everyone were together specially rey and kriya
    and swayam and sharon will miss them will surely miss the rest of the gang now looking forward to D4!!!!!
    D3 rocks thanks for entertaining us for the last 3 years and so learned alot and enjoyed the journey 😀 😀

  2. We want to watch d3 repeat. Plz repeat the d3 show.

  3. I mis kriya and rey a lot becoz i luv thm and i also lik raghav and ishika bt the dnt cme y ?

  4. nice episode………………………..

  5. Will miss d show…
    Yeah i know what my usrname says, but u watch it sometimes. Heartfelt sympathy b empathy 4 u ppl. And the ending was lovely
    Come back soon d3!!!!
    ps- i m typing this on d behalf of my frnd. She was a regular cmmntr here, dont know her username.
    “D3 khatam nhi hona chahiye tha….kitna accha tha. Aur abhi toh kriya aayi thi wapas. I will always remember d3”

  6. i really like this show and ofcourse love the dance too..

  7. going to miss this show immensly especially Rey, Sharon, Swayam and Kriya…going to miss all the cast of D3 best show ever!! D3 IS THE BEST!

  8. I just love d3..
    m die hard fan of it…kuch bhi ho agr mujhe ye show dekhne nai milta tha kbhi to me bht pagal k tarh wait krti thi..kbhi kbhi to roi bhi hu d3 dekhneee….huh ill serzly miss d3 alott…swayam,shron..rey..kriya..simmi ..neel..vicky..
    i wud feel dat dey r a part of my life…n i love dance too so….miss u ol :-(:-(

  9. it was a good show.

  10. lllol miss u d3

  11. spanditha reddy

    I love d3 a lot …………especially dance bcoz till now and in future also like this show ,noway …..there cant be any show 2 replace d3 never and everand thos show tell how frndship is great than any relationship.and i love that!!!!

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