Dil Dosti Dance 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon looks away from Swayam’s eyes. He tries to hold her but she gives up. She asks curtly, to pick me up. He holds her up with a jerk. She gets her hand to the shade, and crawls over to the ventilator. She says she will look for the key, then jumps down and says if he will stay inside for two days, his mind will start to work. Swayam calls her from behind, then sits down curtly. Sharon opens the door. He asks didn’t she go. She says she isn’t as mean as she thinks about her, takes the book and leaves.
Rey says to Kriya’s picture, that he can’t cheat her and fears if someone else tells her, she won’t talk to him. He tries her number, she doesn’t pick it up.
Sharon lies on the bed, and wonders which pic Kriya liked, she didn’t upload any latest pic. She watches Swayam’s photo. She thinks Swayam found a new girl friend in two days after their breakup, this is his loyalty. She deactivates his friends-book account.
Swayam looks at the same pictures and feels disgusted that the juniors uploaded them. His special moments are only with Sharon, then sees that Sharon doesn’t want to see him on friend’s book as well. He thinks he won’t approach her as well.
Rey thinks about discussing account’s with Simmi and Sara. He thinks whatever happened, he is equally responsible. He writes for Sara, to forget about it; then erases. Kriya gets online, but goes offline at once. He is frustrated about not being able to manage it.
Rey practice with the team. Karma says he thinks their routine is really simple, it must be a bit elaborated. Vicky and group teases him, with Huma’s name. Karma says he isn’t taking any thing serious, hadn’t it been a bet he won’t have been with her. They all watch Huma, and leaves. Huma comes to him, and laughs saying Karma baby, he looks so cute this way, surprised. She shows him two chains with pendants of their photos. She insists on him to wear it, he makes her wear it too. She hugs that they have got married, finally. He asks this is rubbish, but Huma says this was a joke. As everyone teases Karma, Huma thinks she will turn this chain to his death band.
Raghv calls Ishika, but she says she doesn’t want to go with him, she will come on his own.
Everyone suggest Rey to do a duet with Sara. They were both confused, but the group bucks them up. They dance together. Swayam says that Rey was lost in between the performance.
Huma comes to Karma, and hugs him from the back. She asks didn’t he like this. He says doesn’t she think, they have moved so close to each other in a few days. Huma says they have to come nearer now. Karma thinks he can’t do this to Huma, as she is thinking so much. Huma thinks she won’t leave him.
Swayam and group discuss about Nil and Simmi, Sharon was talking to someone on phone. Swayam says she is just making the drama, soon her phone will ring. Sharon leaves in anger. Outside, Sharon thinks she won’t leave Swayam, as he made fun of her with his gang. She finds a photo in the purse, and thinks she will show Swayam what is it about making fun of others.
Ishika and Raghv come to rehearsal hall. They tell them that they both have missed Rey and Sara’s dance. They both fight, about being stubborn and getting each other late.
Rey meets Sara outside an office, they say Hi. He asks what she is doing. Sara says it is her uncle’s office, Rey says his dad sent him here. They have a few minutes of silence, Sara thinks will he talk to her. Rey thinks that after the dance, he can talk to Sara.

PRECAP: Swayam comes to college, everyone makes fun of him. He goes to see the photo on the notice board, and thinks only he and Sharon had this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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