Dil Dosti Dance 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

They all sat on the table at café, when Vicky arrive. They all meet him, by hugging him. He suspects they are more than they are normally happy, watching him. He asks what is up and notices they are all quiet. He takes a leave, but they stop him and asks what is going on in his life. Simmi and others come here too. Vicky hugs them all, and says there is much silence on the table. Rey says to everyone that they have to make sure their dance is perfect, to attract sponsor. Sharon thinks Swayam always look at her in anger. Swayam thinks he still likes her. Rey divides the teams. Vicky says naturally, it is you and Sara and Swayam and Sharon. Sharon leaves the table.
In the rehearsal hall, Sharon dances thinking about her and Swayam. In her thoughts, she dances with Swayam in some past scene. She is dancing alone, and thinks Swayam had said that he break up with her. She thinks she won’t dance with Swayam anymore. She then thinks, Swayam will think she cant dance with breakup as she is weak. She will face him.
Sharon goes to library, as the notice board shows the library will be closed for 3 days. The peon lockes the library. Sharon was in the library, she and Swayam have a fight upon a book. They have an argument, Sharon snatches the book but Swayam resists. They come to the door, and finds it locked. Sharon calls for help, from inside. He says there is no one. Swayam says shit!, and thinks about calling Rey. Sharon calls Sara.

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Rey thinks Swayam is calling, as he didn’t complete their talk, but he can’t tell him about Sara. He decides not to pick up the call. Sara fears Rey must have told her everything, she can’t take her call and will talk to her when she comes.
Both, Swayam and Sharon blame each other, tell them to be quiet. Sharon curses the cell phone. Swayam stares at her. Swayam laughs reading in the book, that if you want to make your girl-friend jealous you must appear in a public gathering with a hot girl, she will sure be jealous. Sharon laughs aloud, Swayam mimics her. Sharon poses to be calling someone, Swayam asks who is she calling. She says it shouldn’t concern him, Swayam dislikes when Sharon offers a date to some Karan. Soon her phone bell rings. Swayam laughs aloud. Sharon shouts at him to stop it, but he says she must have put the phone on silent. She asks Swayam why he can’t find a way out of here. Swayam asks why she couldn’t call anyone. She considers him a loser that he can’t find a way out. He says he has a way out. She asks what is it. Swayam heads nearer to Sharon. She asks him to stand back, but he moves forward. She asks what he is doing, he looks into her eyes, holds her face then recalls painfully what she had said to him.
Karma reads a message that he must get I love you from the girl. Huma hugs him from back, saying I love you so much. She says he did her assignment and it got approved as well. He says one can do so for friends.
Swayam takes her hand off Sharon’ face taking her pins, and goes to the door. Sharon stands by him, as he puts his hand out to check the lock. She asks is it done. He says there is another way, she picks her up, he crawls from the ventilator, jumps down and unlock her. She says he must pick her up, as she can’t do it too. He asks her to say please. She requests him. He comes to face her, she keeps hands on his shoulders, while he holds her from her waist.

PRECAP: Rey and Sara do the practice together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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