Dil Dosti Dance 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The nurse comes to tell Huma’s parents that her discharge papers are ready. She cheers up and says that they won’t have to pay for one more day for the hospital.
Karma asks Ishika in the corridor, she tells him she is taking admission in St. Luois academy. She asks you are also coming? He doesn’t reply and asks has she paid the fee. He thinks if she pays the fee before me, I will not be considered by Sharon’s mom. Karma takes a leave and calls Huma giving her the ultimatum for the last date of admission. Someone knocks at the door, she allows her ammi; but no one comes in. She shouts at the person to come in and is shocked to see.
Sharon thinks she made Swayam feel guilty though he took Huma to the hospital and then woke for the whole night to arrange my birthday. All the D3 groups enters the office shouting birthday greetings for her. Sharon says what was the need for all this. Simmi asks who decorated the room. Sharon blushes. They give her bouquette. She tells them to sit, Simmi asks is everything alright? Bharat gives her a big card, it was Swayam who asked her for dinner. They asks what is written, Sharon says there is nothing. They ask her for treat in the evening, she says I am busy tonight; you people gave it yourself. They ask her for the treat at the café, she allows.
It was Raghv who comes to ask how Huma is. She says thanks. Raghv tells her he didn’t miss her. He asks how she fainted; she says she didn’t eat anything from morning. He asks why are you so down today, is there something else or just that you are ill. Her ammi tells him she is looking for a job for her friend. Raghv asks you never told me you have a younger sister, and appreciates her mother’s youth and beauty. Her ammi asks are you in Huma’s class and also in her dance academy. Huma thinks ammi might find her lie.
Karma is in the locker room, thinking if Ishika pays the fee he might not be able to join. He thinks about talking to Sharon.
Raghv explains they aren’t in one team. Her ammi says that it isn’t easy getting admission in St Luois, she has been learning for a long time so she got admission. She sends her ammi to bring something to eat. She says that she is saved today. Raghv says that everything gets fine where I go. She asks him for help, as she is looking for a job. She asks if he can get him money. He asks will you perform in a event? There is a friend of his, who is an event organizer and wants a dancer. You will perform there. He takes a leave as her ammi brings the breakfast. Huma says that she has to go to college today; her ammi says that she has to go to a big event with her. Huma says that what will people say when they will see my tired face. She says she doesn’t want to go, he ammi tries to convince her but she denies.
Ishika comes to rehearsals, she was nervous that it is the first day at academy. He comes there, and asks was she looking for him. She asks why she would. Raghv tells them all about a secret. Sharon comes to the class. No one wishes her good morning but sings a birthday song for her. She says she must have welcomed them but they gave her such a good start. They take the position, Sharon asks Ishika to come forward and keep her bad aside. She starts with the warm up. They all jump. Ishika’s dupatta teases Raghv, Sharon asks what is the problem. She says that at the time of rehearsals she must wear proper rehearsal outfit. Ishika says she doesn’t like to wear such dresses. Sharon makes her understand, she must cooperate. Raghv assures Sharon she will be in the proper outfit from tomorrow. Ishika doesn’t resume the rehearsals and Sharon tells her to stand in the corner.
Huma gets ready for the show at night, she prays that her ammi must not know she is leaving the house and goes out through window.
Swayam thinks he must have given Sharon wake up call, but she woke him in her cabin. He thinks he will make it up for her. He thinks about an idea and says this birthday of yours is going to be special.

PRECAP: Huma performs in the event. A guy follows her, and takes her hand. She gets rid of him but he follows her in the way. He avoids him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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