Dil Dosti Dance 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 8th April 2014 Written Update

In the morning, Rey brings white roses for Kriya. She takes the flowers saying ‘thanks, it’s very pretty.’ He says ‘not more than you’. She asks how he came here. He says ‘you left alone through cab yesterday so I thought I shall pick you up… drop you today’ (confused). He says he is acting so foolishly. She tells him the car is locked, he opens the lock, they get inside but he was constantly staring at her. She says they shall leave. He says ‘of course!’ and starts the engine. He sees himself in the back-view mirror thinking ‘speak another word, and you will again make fool of yourself’. He asks ‘music?’, she agrees. The tape gets stuck. He remarks it seems it has got sick. She agrees thinking why was Rey behaving so awkward. He asks what she said. She denies

saying anything telling him he would overhear the rushy noise of Bombay. Rey ‘shall I sing?’ Kriya: ‘No thanks’ feeling awkward what he was doing. She puts in her ear phones.

Vicky boasts off him coming downstairs, happily exclaiming he was the genius in whole of India as he had done what no one could have thought. Simmi follows him thinking Vicky looks much excited. She sees his wallet on the stairs and picks it up. She thinks she will tease him, goes to the office and hands his wallet to the administrator.

Ruhi sitting in the hall sees a red shirt thinking Swayam will like it. She was labeling the card when Kriya arrives. She hides the pack behind her while standing. Kriya asks what she was hiding. She says this was for VP sir. Ruhi asks where Kriya had been. She tells her she was in New York and just arrives yesterday. Kriya asks her how she was and had she got adjusted in the college. Ruhi answers ‘She came here to get settled’ Kriya asks ‘What? How did she like her friends’ Ruhi tells her that everyone is good but Swayam is the best. Kriya tells her that they have great binding between each other. Ruhi agrees saying Swayam had told her Kriya had also come only because of friends. She immediately turns to leave saying they shall meet again and leaves. Kriya wonders, since in hospital she found Ruhi’ behavior a bit awkward.

Sharon is in the dancing room thinking about her and Swayam dancing. Swayam enters and says he does not believe this room will be turned to library now. Sharon says that till our team is together, we must not worry. When he is with him, she has no tension. but if we won’t give the hall fund, how will we do the rehearsals. Swayam says ‘in Vicky’s garage’ Sharon objects that there is no mirror over there. But we can’t leave our dreams like that. We can’t compromise on the quality of dance. Swayam says that before Kriya meets VP we must inform her about the truth. They were about to leave when Ruhi comes there. She tells her she has got a gift for Swayam for whatever he did to her. Swayam says he did it all as a friend but takes the gift. Ruhi smiles at Sharon and leave. Swayam sees the gift and reads the card, Sharon watches him saying he won’t wear it and she must get it changed for him. He says that it is a gift, he must wear it once; she will like it. Sharon thinks Ruhi has mentally controlled Swayam, she must tell him the truth.

Vicky is in cafeteria, as the waiter brings the bill. He tells him that since he is very happy today he must give him a tip. Waiter wonders a miser will give him the tip today. As he reaches his pocket, the purse was not there. He looks for it below the table, a hand appears with the purse. It was Nil. He asks where he found it. He says wherever he found it doesn’t matter, his friend has got lost. He asks him to return his friend in return of his wallet. Everyone else arrives. He announces the treat to everyone as he was happy. Kriya and Rey were sitting together, while Sharon and Swayam discuss who will tell Kriya about the truth. Vicky asks has VP known the truth as he sees him coming. Everybody stands up hiding Kriya behind. He tells them to come to the office as he wants to talk to them. Kriya comes forward saying ‘Hi’. VP is shocked seeing him, he asks ‘How did she come here’. She says ‘For musicals’. Everyone come forward supporting she came here for moral support. He asks how her college allowed her to come here.

PRECAP: Kriya was angry at Rey. He tells her he had no other option. Sharon was looking for something in the locker. Ruhi comes from behind showing a piece of paper, asking was she looking for it. Sharon says it is illegal to steal something from my locker. She will inform VP. Ruhi asks what’s illegal. Stealing a paper from locker or hacking college’s id?

Update Credit to: Niki

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