Dil Dosti Dance 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 8th April 2013 Written Update

Rey comes out of the basket ball court when Mr.Shekhawat calls him and speaks up.He says that Rey’s parents must be proud of him.Rey thanks him.He further asks does he study here to which Rey says he came up for some work.

The guys are in the classroom playing with paper planes when Sharon and Aaashi come together laughing up.the gang is shocked to see this.Swayam comes in and says he has to share something.the gang joins up and Swayam says its Taani’s birthday tomorrow and he is planning fo a surprise party.Vicky gets up and asks will Taani be surprised or not.Swayam says Yes she will.Simmi asks let it not be unpleasently surprised.The gang agrees to come.Swayam sees upto sharon for conformational and she agrees.The gang gets all around excited for party and were planning to Dance when Swayam remembers his dad’s words and tells no dance.the gang asks why.swaayam says he has no reason.Sharon stops the gang saying when Swayam says no need then they need not.

Rey is dancing in the atrium after he finishes up the boys come towards him.He is about to move when they stop him asking what is he doing.he says he has some work to do.Gang stops him.he says he has to prepare for Taani’s birthday.Swayam reminds him of the surprise.rey says it was his act.Vicky says its a team act.He must act in front of Taani like he has forgotten her birthday.Rey says he cant lie.the gang asks him to act .Rey says he cant act and they make him sit and agree to him.

the girls are in the locker room when they decide what to where.Neha asks Sharon why is she coming when both taaani and Her are not comfortable.Sharon says she is doing this for Swayam.Neha catches this and asks further to which Sharon says Taani is Rey’s GF and Sharon is his BFF if she doe not come Rey will get upset.Sharon asks them to decide about the gift when Simmi says a stick as she acts like a teacher.

The boys are walking when Rey receives a call from Taani asking where is he and if they can spend some time in night together today.Rey says he is rehearsing and he cant as e is tired.Taani feels bad as Rey has forgotten her bday and there are only few minutes left.

When the boys are walking a car comes o halt at entrance asking for Reyaansh Singhiania.Rey hides up.The gang notices that it was a team to play violin and Rey gets embarrassed.The boys tease him.Sharon is coming from behind when Rey pushes Swayam as he further does not want to face any embarrassment.

Sharon asks Swayam what’s up to which Swayam replies star.sharon says star is in his front and both laugh out.

Precap:Gang at Swayam’s house when MR.Shekhwat scolds Swayam .Sharon asks Swayam to come out of his room.She sees his cupboard.Rey comes in with a big bouquet.He asks for swayam and says Tani is coming.Mr.Shekhawat asks how does he know.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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