Dil Dosti Dance 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At night, Swayam goes into the fields. He sees fire at a hut. Sharon asks him to open the surprise. He praises, that this is so beautiful. He says that this is what he wanted, and couldn’t think about what to do to propose. He calls Nil, and calls him there. Sharon asks why is he calling Nil, Swayam thanks him. Nil hugs Swayam but he tells Nil that Sharon did it all; this is the best place to propose Simmi. Nil hugs Sharon, Swayam gives him his ring. Swayam asks Sharon to call Simmi, she brings her there. They make Simmi sit, Nil kneels down and tells Simmi that he loves her and she is his dream come true. He shows her the ring, and asks if she will marry him. Simmi says yes, and hugs him. Swayam claps the hands, while Sharon is tear-eyed. Swayam gets these are the tears of happiness. She asks this ring was in his cupboard. Simmi says she is sorry Sharon. Swayam gets the point, holds his head and hugs Sharon. He says that their love doesn’t need any stamp, they marry or not, she will always be the love of his life forever. Nil calls Swayam to celebrate, while Sharon is still upset.

Rey thinks what the way to reach the villagers is. He finds someone lying on the road, stops the car and finds out it is a girl and tries to bring her to consciousness but fails. He brings her into the car, she opens her eyes and says Hi. She tells him that she want to go the Doyal village, and tells him no one gives a lift to a perfectly fine girl, so she had to do the drama. He brings her along. They all meet the girl, Sharon hugs her excitedly calling Sara. She tells them that she is her cousin Sara from London. Sara gives them their introduction, recognizes Simmi and everyone else. She says that they are Sharon’s friends, this means they are Sara’s friends. She says to Rey that he is Sharon’s best friend, and shakes his hand to be her best friend too. She tells Sharon that Avantika aunt told her that Sharon is here, so she came here too.

The head of village tells someone on phone that some guys from village came to start the dance again. The other person asks they must get rid of them soon. He tells him that he had to permit them to live here, because Chintoo is friends with them. Chintoo over hears and comes inside.

Sara says ‘namashkar kaki ji’ to the village ladies. Simmi appreciates her. Sara tells them she loves to study cultures as they walk through the field. Sharon is frustrated to fill the water. Simmi says she will try it but fails. Sharon also tries, Sara asks her turn. She brings the bucket full of water in the first go.

Vicky and all the guys discussed about Sara. Swayam goes to look for Rey. Sara brings the buckets. Vicky offers his help, she hands him both the heavy to lift buckets. They smile.

Vicky asks Sara for some more chocolates. She tells him they have finished. Sharon tells her that he is forever hungry; Sara laughs and takes him along.

Sharon comes to Swayam; he shows her a video of promo dance. She says ‘ouch’ as she touches the phone. He looks at her hands filled with bruises. He caresses them, she smiles. They get cozy. Sara comes there, coughing. Swayam tells her something get into her eyes. Sara leaves, telling them to continue. Sharon runs behind her to explain.
Rey was thinking what to do, to bring a smile on villager’s eyes. Sara comes saying he must first bring smile on his own face. She tells him that she wants to make a documentary on him, as he is a high achiever in dancing career. Rey says he isn’t interested, and leaves. Sara says he is intence, but is so cute.

Precap: Chintoo tells them that the head of village can cause hurdles in their way.

Update Credit to: Sona

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