Dil Dosti Dance 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 7th March 2013 Written Update

Episode resumes with Rey and Taani’s dinner date with Tujhko Jo Paya in the background. Both eat together with their moments and Rey asks her for a dance. While dancing, a tear escapes her eyes and Rey asks her to not cry. She smiles and replies they’re tears of happiness. She embraces him.

Sharon is sitting on terrace roof and thinking about the questions of Swayam. She apologizes for doing this to him and more than him, she is hurt for having to do this. Just then, Swayam comes and announces he knew he’d find her here. Sharon asks him rudely if he came to corner her taking it as a chance! Swayam replies back saying he knows he’s crossing his limits but he came here to get answers for his questions. Not to answer to her questions.

She tells him she has no answers to give to him. He keeps provoking her to tell him the reason. He says he’s not stepping back this time. She did whatever she wanted in the past and even though he was hurt, he never asked for a reason. But this time, he will ask for a reason.

It was dance that was most important to you. You had best friends, Simmi, Dazzlers, Rey because of dance. Infact, your biggest enemy was due to dance as well. Kriya! You sued to dream about dancing while sleeping and walking. Dance was her every relationship’s base. He says he knows her more than she knows herself. And if she asks him to believe she doesn’t want to dance, than he is not going to believe that because he knows she’s lying. He asks her to share her problem with him. She tells him that just because she’s quiet doesn’t mean he can go on to say anything.

Swayam says that’s exactly the thing! He wants her to answer. She shouts at him to leave and starts going short on breath. Swayam gets concerned for her health and only because of that, he finally leaves having no choice but not giving up on his mission.

Once he’s gone, Sharon wishes that she were able to give all answers to her. But it’s not good for either of them.

Next morning, Sharon asks the team (minus Swayam) to give their answer on the offer. Everyone gives different opinions. When asked about Swayam, Aashi replies saying he’ll be coming in late. As Sharon is the manager, she makes a decision of calling the offer off as they will not deal with the attitude of the people.

Taani comes in as Sharon is leaving. She announces that she has good news, which infact is bad news for the team as they’d forgotten all about the deposit for the rehearsal hall. Everyone is tensed. When Sharon comes back, Rey tells her to go talk to Swayam and find a solution. When she gives him a glare, others tell her to not even think about saying no as it’s her duty as a manager to talk to him. She says ‘fine’ having no choice. ‘I know my job.’

Before Taani leaves, she asks Rey if they’re still meeting at 1 pm. He says yes and she leaves.

In the locker room, Swayam is shown adamant on knowing what the problem is with Sharon.

Sharon calls him to tell him to come out of the locker room. He sees her outside and both quarrel on this not being a ‘personal call’. Finally, getting on topic, she tells him about the deposit problem and that they need to come up with a solution.

In the canteen, everyone hovers around Rey and pleads him to talk to Taani sweetly and get her to push the deposit due date back so they have time to arrange the money. Rey refuses saying it’s not right and he won’t do this. But others continue to plead him saying it’s their problem and if not personally, then he can request Taani as AGS. Rey is once again kept in a tight spot between listening to his friends and the danger of maybe hurting Taani.


Update Credit to: Khushii

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