Dil Dosti Dance 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 7th April 2014 Written Update

Sharon thinks that she must now tell Swayam the truth about Ruhi. She thinks that Swayam will trust her and makes her mind to call him. She thinks that he will mind it that I mistrusted her and called her doctor. She calls him finally. He says ‘hello, yes what is it about?’ Sharon says that she was thinking we must now tell Kriya the reality. Swayam agrees telling her that he was also thinking the same.

Rey was standing outside the college. He thinks ‘It’s alright Kriya. I will wait for you to meet me’ and keeps the bouquets on the floor. He hears music from inside. He goes inside and sees Kriya was dancing in the rehearsal room. She was about to fall, Rey takes hold of her. He asks her ‘How are you?’ She says ‘I am fine, how are you?’ He says, ‘I am even better’

he asks what she was doing this late in the cafeteria. She tells him this is the rehearsal hall. He was confused ‘Oh, it is rehearsal hall, what am I speaking. What are you doing here this late’ she tells him he could not fall asleep. Rey says I am also not sleepy. He asks was she dancing for rehearsals. She says no she was dancing for herself. He says’ You do a lot for others’. She feels uncomfortable saying she must leave as it was late. He asks shall he drop her. She tells him she had already called a cab. He calls ‘Kriya’. She says ‘Yes’ Rey: ‘Nothing.’ Again Rey: ‘Kriya’ Kriya: ‘Yes’ Rey: ‘please turn off the light before leaving’. Once again Rey: ‘Kriya’ Kriya: ‘Yes’ Rey: ‘be careful’. Again he calls ‘Kriya’ she says ‘Yes’ he says ‘Goodnight!’ She was finally able to leave. Rey thinks ‘Uff! People take tips related to their relationships with me and I feel so melted in front of Kriya. Anyways Kriya is back and will stay near me.’

Swayam was at home thinking that time past so soon. Only 4 months are left for their exam, and they have to plan something for the affiliation as well. Whatever they are doing is risky. Bell rings at the door. He open it, Ruhi was there. She hurriedly enters and tells him some people were following her, her saw her house in the way and came here. He asks what she was doing outside at this time of night. She tells him she went to meet a friend who came from Indore and was returning home now. She apologizes for worrying him. Swayam goes forward to see them. She hugs him telling she was afraid. He asks that they should go to police and asks were they long or short. Ruhi says if he won’t be uncomfortable, can she stay at his place tonight? She will go home early in the morning. Swayam was thoughtful. She says she will handle it and starts to leave. He says it is alright. You can stay.

Door bell rings again. Rey enters saying he is very happy and was shocked seeing Ruhi. Swayam explains some beggars got behind her. Rey thinks to himself that there could be no beggars in this area of city, there is surely something wrong. He offers that he is going home and can drop her (Thinking that Sharon’s doubts were right). Ruhi says he will be troubled but he says that she would be able to sleep well at her own place. Swayam asks him the reason of coming here. He says he will tell him the details in college.

Sharon was thinking ‘Ruhi I will win Swayam anyway’. She thinks about telling Kriya, but then changes her mind that she might not understand her. she thinks she herself will have to do something about Ruhi.

Rey asks Ruhi how her foot was. Did those beggars ran away immediately as she was near Swayam’s house to meet her friend? Ruhi tells him to stop car, she will go by herself from here. He thinks that she was so afraid at Swayam’s place but now she can go home alone from half way. There must be something wrong.

Rey gives flowers to Kriya. She says it is not her birthday. He says he brought them for her. She smiles and accepts them .

VP sir meets them and asks them to meet him at his office. He turns around but hears Kriya saying hello to him. He was shocked to see her. They tells him she has come to support them in dance. VP and Kriya looks at each other astonished.

Update Credit to: Niki

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