Dil Dosti Dance 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rey wakes Swayam and Sharon, they ask for 5 min but he throws water on them. They all come to tease them, and playing the D3 team comes ot of the theatre. A villager comes and stops them for water fighting that they have to walk miles to collect some water. They tell him they have come from Mumbai. He says they can just increase their problem. Simmi comes out with her bags, she says she cant do it; and can’t eat this unhygeinc food and situation. They all come inside, she argues that she can try no more, she tells Rey that they are important for her but she can’t handle any more. Rey asks her one week, and asks them all to leave if things can’t be made better. Swayam argues, but Rey asks that for now he wants all of them with him. He shows them all a plan. They say that it is important, He says that they have to win the trust of villagers; this is the most difficult thing. He suggests that they must meet the head of the village. Simmi was hopeless that villagers arent ready to talk to them. She looks for her juice pack, Nil has also his chips missing; they call Chintto and catch him. He says he won’t return their chips and juice. Rey comes to his help. Chinttu tells them it isnt easy to meet the head, but he might help them. He takes them to the head. They tell him that dance is their passion and want to help them. THe head says that the art which deprived them of their sourse of income, they have come again to bring its memories back. Rey promises that they will change the conditions. THe head asks for their dance there and then. THey perform. The head says that this is called circus here, everyone laughs. The head says that this is away from the art. Rey tells them that they can learn, and for that they have to meet the villagers. The head allows them.
In the theatre, they were all angry, Rey says they must not be angry. Chintoo says that if they live out of the village, they must live in the house of his uncle in between the city.
Vicky asks why is he helping them, Chintoo suggests they must give him three time food. Rey suggests they must shoot the story of the villagers.This way, they will think that they are serious with the work. Nil and everyone says that they felt insult today. Swayam tells them not to be serious and dis hearted.
In the fields, Simmi asks Sharonif Swayam told her about the ring. She says he will surprise him. THey discuss how sad he is. Rey comes to them, they tell him they are going to meet villagers. He says that they must appear relatable. They all try, but everyone denies listening to them. They gather at a point hopeless. THey says they are hungry, Simmi suggests to go to theatre.
In the theatre, Sharon asks them for thankyou for bringing them everything. They say thankyou to her together. SHe goes to Swayam laughing, and tells him that they will keep a cook after wedding. Swayam leaves saying that at this time, their focus is this project. She thinks she knows he wants to surprise her but now she will surprise him.

PRECAP: Rey was going in the car, and finds someone lying on the road. He comes to see who it is.

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